Our major focus is scalablity and integration: Gaurang Sinha, Director, Flock

In an interaction with Express Computer, Gaurang Sinha, Director, Go-to-market, Flock sheds light on increasing adoption of collaboration solutions and Flock’s recent growth story
Gaurang Sinha, Director, Go-to-market, Flock

What’s your assessment the Covid-19 impact on your business?
The last three to four months have been a massive learning experience, especially with the extraordinary transition that has taken place, with a large proportion of the workforce working from home for the first time. From a business perspective, there’s a few different things that we have observed. We have marked two-fold growth in the number of paid users on our platform.

Pre-Covid, people would spend about 55 minutes on Flock. However, post the imposition of the lockdown, we saw 60 per cent increase in the average number of active users, which are basically companies that use the Flock platform actively. Flock is actively used for over 90 minutes a day, which is about one-and-a-half hours.

How has the user behaviour on your platform changed in a work-from-anywhere environment?
We have witnessed some very interesting trends in some industries. Distributed last mile workers essentially need a way to seamlessly communicate with their base location without physical presence. One big trend is that we’ve seen our customers adopting cloud to a large extent now. Another interesting area has been EdTech. We have seen significant adoption of Flock by students and teachers. The EdTech companies in India are growing at a rapid pace and we have seen traction there as well. Unacademy, for instance, has adopted Flock, they use the platform to engage with educators.

How are you ensuring Flock provides a seamless platform experience to users?
One of the biggest advantages on Flock is scalability and platform approach, allowing users to leverage Flock for messaging, video conferencing, sending updates and multiple other things. Our major focus is on being scalable and open to integrating all of these processes.

What’s you go-to-market approach?
We have a straightforward strategy. In many ways, we haven’t really had the necessity to work with channel partners or the network, simply because the product itself is out there in the market. The market is massive and it’s constantly growing. In most cases, our GTM relies on end users, and that has been a crucial factor for driving double growth over the last two quarters, in terms of our revenue and structure. We have not so far relied on partnerships in a big way and gone direct to our customers, but that’s now changing and we are open to partnerships.

With the team collaboration market expected to clock a net worth of US$ 49.51 billion by 2021, Flock is projected to grow by almost 200 per cent YoY. As mentioned earlier, in the past couple of weeks, we have seen a 2.6x increase in businesses adopting Flock globally, with a 3x increase among Indian organisations. Additionally, we have seen a 3.2x increase in companies using Flock for messaging colleagues, sharing files, video conferencing and screen sharing. Flock has today become the go-to app for all team collaboration and communication needs.

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