QNu Labs Uses Quantum-Safe Cryptographic Keys To Ensure Unconditional Security 

Incubated at IIT-Madras, QNu Labs  is focused on building quantum resilience to protect the customer’s critical data that has led to the creation of the Proprietary Quantum Secure Platform. Their key aim is to provide unconditional security

With the interim budget allocating an amount of Rs. 8000 crores over a period of 5 years for the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications, QNu Labs is the enabler of the Quantum physics ecosystem in India and they also intend to represent Indian Quantum physics ecosystem globally.

They focus on providing a new paradigm in encrypting keys by using quantum physics principles that are focussed on security for the cloud and internet space. In an elaborate conversation with Express Computer, Sunil Gupta, co-founder and CEO, QNu Labs gives us a deeper understanding. Edited excerpts:

How is QNu Labs inculcating Quantum physics in its daily operations?

We are not using Quantum Physics as of now but are planning to encrypt our own IP data using random numbers generated by our technology.   

What do you think is the estimated market size of Quantum Computing in India?
Quantum security and cryptography is the fastest growing area within security with the market expected to reach $25 Bn in size by 2025 with the Serviceable Obtainable Market for QNu Labs estimated to be $150-175 Mn by 2025.

How is QNu Labs ensuring unconditional security using quantum physics for the Cloud and Internet?
At QNu labs, we do not use classical methods for encrypting keys, but instead provide a new paradigm for the same by leveraging the principles of quantum physics. The current public-key encryption method is exposed and highly vulnerable to quantum computers. Hackers are now incentivised to carry out the ‘Harvest Now, Decrypt Later’ attack wherein they copy and store encrypted data and decrypt it at a later stage.

QNu Labs, is the first company in India to offer commercially available Quantum-Safe Security products: the Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) called Tropos and the Quantum Key Distribution System (QKD) called Armos. With this, we aim to address the increasing issues around data security and privacy which is a key concern for enterprises, governments, and defence organisations across the world.
This unique technology we offer enables a pair of quantum-safe cryptographic keys between two remote parties through an exchange of encoded quantum bits (qubits), which are unhackable, by virtue of the laws of quantum physics.

Which form of cloud do you think is the best to use during WFH?

During WFH, whether we use data in the cloud, or use a cloud application such as a video conference, the perfect secrecy requirements are that encryption keys are not with the cloud service provider but with the end-users.  Also if we need to access data in the cloud, the CSP allows users to bring their own encryption key (BYOK).   Any cloud that meets these requirements is good for WFH. 

What is the upcoming vision for QNu Labs with regard to Quantum Key Distribution? 

 Our vision for QKD is to   

  1. Increase the distance it can support – take it up to 200Kms.  
  2. Increase its reach across Wide Area Network (WAN) through Satellite-based QKD
  3. Build solutions such as Three-Factor Authentication using QRNG and QKD for digital transactions or secure blockchains  
  4. Miniaturise QKD to go into a server or on to a device for 5G networks 
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