Revolutionizing Payment Velocity: Accelerating Digital Transformation for a Billion Users

In the realm of rapid, high-volume payment transactions, RS Software began its journey in collaboration with Visa. In an exclusive interaction, Raj Jain, Chairman, Managing Director and CEO, RS Software shares how distinguished as the sole organisation partnering with Visa to elevate transaction speeds from 500 per second to an impressive 50,000 per second, the company gleaned invaluable insights. As adoption surged, RS Software focused on perpetuating this swift payment processing pace. The organisation was chosen to actualise the visionary blueprint outlined by NPCI. Central to extending the platform’s accessibility was the adoption of a standardised set of APIs, enabling seamless any-to-any payments—leveraging various identifiers such as Aadhaar numbers, mobile numbers, account details, virtual addresses, and employing diverse trusted authentication mechanisms including passwords, PINs, and biometrics.

Watch the full insightful interview:

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