Today, we are seeing the evolution of the manufacturing industry with significant investments towards Industry 4.0: Navin Nathani, General Manager and Head of IT, Transformation, and Value Creation, Hindalco Industries

In this engaging interview by Express Computer, with Navin Nathani, General Manager and Head of IT and Digital Transformation, Hindalco Industries, he discusses the transformative power of digital technologies in the manufacturing industry. Nathani highlights how Hindalco Industries is leveraging digital transformation to stay competitive and innovative, focusing on areas such as Industry 4.0 integration, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, supply chain digitisation, cloud computing, robotics, and automation.

He emphasises the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility in manufacturing processes, and points out that there is a clear focus on commitment towards environmental responsibility, and a lot of work is being done in that direction by leveraging data and digital insights.

Additionally, Nathani delves into the critical role of cybersecurity in adopting advanced technologies and shares strategies for ensuring robust cybersecurity measures. “It starts with employee awareness and training sessions on cybersecurity best practices to mitigate human-related risks,” adds Nathani. He states that continuous monitoring of threats and having seamless threat detection systems in place, a zero-trust approach, stricter access controls, and multi-factor authentication, are crucial for cybersecurity.

Finally, he explores the potential of emerging technologies like generative AI for enhancing the customer experience, facilitating digital transformation, and improving operational efficiency in the manufacturing sector. “Generative AI is changing the way customers expect things, with bots providing real-time insights and personalised product recommendations,” concludes Nathani.

Watch the full insightful interview:

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