VideoMeet is built on a model that supports integration with other tools: Dr. Ajay Data, Founder & CEO, VideoMeet

In an exclusive interaction with Express Computer, Dr. Ajay Data, Founder & CEO of homegrown video conferencing platform VideoMeet shares how the company is riding on the need for digital collaboration and aligning its product with market trends
Dr. Ajay Data, Founder & CEO, VideoMeet

How was 2020 for VideoMeet in terms of market and growth?
The year 2020 was an unexpected disruption and India being a developing nation faced humongous challenges. The Indian economy on all fronts was fighting not to lose its meaning, counting the challenges, and to begin with, the employment rate dipped to an all-time low with 23.9 percent of India’s GDP consistently. In these difficult times, we saw a ray of opportunity in the domain of Virtual meetings and conferences.

VideoMeet was designed to focus on bringing strength and ease in business communication on a secured platform, it is developed by the people of India and for the people of India. The vision behind creation of this application was to bring the Indian economy back on track. The future for businesses and humans to stay consistent and healthy is to be digitally connected.

VideoMeet’s last six months were bold and steady; we started with average use of 10 minutes per user to 31 minutes on average use. Lakhs of people are now using it.

What have been the new collaboration trends among customers, especially enterprise customers?
Collaboration is the need of hour; VideoMeet is built on a model that supports integration with other tools. On the advancements to magnify Indian business houses VideoMeet is coming up with add on feature ‘Digital Exhibition Platform’ where organisations can promote their product videos, do conferences, record them, share them directly with customers, the end-users buyers.

How are you ensuring seamless customer experience in your offerings?
VideoMeet does not come with a complex access process, wherein random numbers and alphabets are needed as passwords. VideoMeet gives a choice of the meeting name which people can use permanently. Like CEO of Pepsi can have his meeting room named as PepsiCeo, where waiting room and password entry to the room can be controlled easily.

Being a home grown IT company, we sincerely and deeply understand the challenges, our user base is likely to face, a good chunk of users being at the beginner level in terms of utilising digital services, and they need a specialist as 1:1 support.

What are your efforts in ensuring security for customers?
We have our user’s information on a secured data cloud by design infrastructure that helps to protect user data and safeguard privacy – SSL, SRTP which enables hop-by-hop encryption. This means that anything that you send traveling to the server is encrypted, then decrypted on the server, re-encrypted, and sent to everyone who is meant to receive it.

How do you see the role of virtual meetings in 2021, what will be the new trends?
A virtual meeting is a trending saviour, it’s going to stay, it is opening the world of opportunities to us, we have realised the power of virtual meeting, it saves the most valuable business asset – time – and when you have more time you can create more opportunity. Newer, bigger businesses, can reach any-time, anywhere in the world. With meeting types like conferences, webinars, and sensitive with a backstage platform, VideoMeet with all its advanced features has become the most preferred platform.

In line with the above, what’s your roadmap ahead?
To touch more lives and bring more ease in communication, a secured communication platform for India. With features like backstage, noise cancellation, video quality control, transcribed conference, all these collectively have the power to empower VideoMeet and make it a preferred choice for millions.

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