We are committed to leveraging technology for providing exceptional guest experiences in the entertainment sector: Lakshmana Vadaga, Head-IT, Imagicaa

Located 74 kms from Mumbai, Imagicaa is India’s leading theme park and entertainment destination. During an exclusive interaction with Express Computer, Lakshmana Vadaga, Head-IT, Imagicaa, highlights his company’s recent digital initiatives aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing revenue. He discusses the implementation of innovative technologies such as AI for predictive maintenance and personalised marketing, as well as the traction for GenAI in ensuring data privacy and security. Looking ahead, Vadaga outlines upcoming initiatives focused on digitising guest experiences through advanced technology solutions, mobile apps and RFID technology.

Here are the edited excerpts:

Can you take us through some of the recent digital initiatives you have taken? What has been the impact?

We at Imagicaa, have implemented several digital initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and increase earnings, time. Discussing one of them, we anticipate the launch of an unprecedented guest information application. Our app was designed to make guests’ experiences more enjoyable and it provides dynamic wait times for rides as well as integrated payment systems. Our guests are also able to plan for their rides before they arrive at the park by getting promotions that are only available on the app; in this way, families can save money and time. Not only does our application simplify transactions between relatives during visits but also it sends regular updates about happenings in the park to its users. These online solutions do not just enhance visitor experience but also lead to more spending thus growth in revenues.

How do you plan to integrate AI strategically into the organisation’s IT roadmap, and what challenges do you foresee in this implementation?

My strategy is to easily integrate AI technology into our organisation’s IT plans to improve efficiency and innovation. One of the most essential utilisation of AI in business is predictive maintenance, where through using AI-powered solutions we can anticipate equipment failure before it occurs. To minimise downtime and ensure guest safety through proactive maintenance action these systems enable us analyse patterns and oddities in data. We can also enhance surveillance by deploying AI-enabled cameras that monitor areas of high traffic for suspicious activities as well as those evaluating customer behaviours to detect possible security concerns. Adopting this preventive approach will increase alertness and quickness, thereby raising customer confidence within our premises.

In sales and marketing, AI acts as a game changer by providing invaluable insights into guests’ preferences and habits. Customised advertising messages can be developed using AI analytics for individual customers while highlighting evolving market trends such as personalised promotions or adjustments in price strategies. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to increased revenue through optimising sales processes based on relevant data from consumers themselves.

However, the implementation of AI presents its own set of challenges. Ensuring the quality and availability of data, addressing privacy concerns, acquiring specialised skills, and seamlessly integrating AI with existing systems requires meticulous planning and execution. Nevertheless, by surmounting these obstacles and embracing AI strategically, Imagicaa is poised to achieve operational excellence, elevate guest experiences, and solidify its position as a leader in the entertainment industry.

How do you see the traction for Gen AI in the industry?

GenAI has gained considerable traction in the industry, specifically on issues to do with data privacy. To prevent any breaches that may lead to a violation of consumer privacy, confidential customer data must be safely stored. There is a very crucial role played by GenAI in this aspect through the application of innovative algorithms and automation as it enhances security measures concerning data. GenAI provides a way through which organisations can protect sensitive information by encrypting them using sophisticated encryption techniques and access controls. It also helps in compliance with GDPR and CCPA among other regulations with data protection, thus ensuring observance of privacy laws concerning data. The ability of GenAI includes detecting anomalies, especially unauthorised access or breach attempts, hence curbing risks associated with misuse of information as well as preserving its integrity. Adoption of GenAI solutions continues to gain momentum as businesses seek for more enhanced ways of protecting their data and that of their clients leading to advanced methods aimed at securing sensitive information, thereby maintaining consumer trust.

In the next six months to one year, what are some of the new digital or technology initiatives planned?

In the upcoming six months to a year, we are planning several innovative digital and technology initiatives aimed at enhancing guest experiences coming to Imagicaa. One of the key initiatives involves digitising maps and ride information, allowing guests to easily locate attractions, check waiting times, and even pre-order food based on their preferences. By leveraging advanced technology, such as mobile apps and digital signage, guests can optimise their time at the park, reducing wait times and maximising enjoyment. Additionally, Imagicaa plans to implement RFID technology to streamline access to express lanes, further improving guest convenience and satisfaction. These initiatives underscore Imagicaa’s commitment to leveraging technology to provide exceptional guest experiences and stay at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

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