Real-time machine monitoring boosts efficiency of Indian Railways production facilities by 20%

In a joint project launched in September 2019 MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection system developed by Zyfra – has generated a 20 per cent increase of production efficiency at different manufacturing facilities operated by Indian Railways.

The solution has been implemented at 10 factories and workshops in different regions of India. Zyfra deployed the system, trained personnel, and is now providing technical support.

“India has become the key foreign market for Zyfra with more than 500 CNC machines connected to its MDCplus system in 2019. By 2021 the company is looking at more than 2,000 MDCplus installations in India,” said Pavel Rastopshin, managing director of Zyfra. “This year, we have devoted a lot of time to research and development. We have introduced a powerful new solution for predictive analytics which can even predict a machine or tool breakage. This solution will help our clients make discrete manufacturing more efficient.”

In 2018 Frost & Sullivan named Zyfra as the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in the Artificial Intelligence-based Machine Data Monitoring Solution for Process Industries. There are Godrej Group, Murugappa Group and Thriveni Eartmovers among Zyfra’s clients in India.

MDCplus collects overall data from all types of machines and monitor energy consumption, which results in substantial increase in machine utilization and energy saving. The system allows identification and classification of downtime reasons, assisting operators in the performance of production tasks, notifying specialists and production departments regarding accidents and unplanned downtime and compiling analytical reports on the operation of equipment and production efficiency.

Since implementation, nine per cent increase in machine utilisation has been achieved immediately after deployment. Further productivity growth was generated thanks to reducing unplanned downtime and due to the transparency of the process, increasing the overall production culture.

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