Titan hopes to gain massive savings in energy costs using Schneider Electric’s IoT platform

Tanishq from Titan, India’s trusted jewelry brand, has announced that it is implementing Schneider’s EcoStruxure Micro Data Center in Titan’s new Tanishq retail stores across India. The fully integrated EcoStruxure Micro Data Center edge computing solution enables optimization of its in-store energy use and IT system resiliency to provide an always-on digital experience for its customers.

The solution, integrated and delivered by Schneider Electric Elite Partner Future Businesstech, includes APC by Schneider Electric Smart UPS 10 kVA uninterruptible power supply, EcoStruxure IT Expert cloud-based management, EcoStruxure IT Advisor for 24/7 cloud-enabled remote monitoring and troubleshooting service and APC Netbotz physical security all packaged in a discreet EcoStruxure Micro Data Center cabinet designed to complement public space on the retail floor.

Sharing his sustainability aspiration for Tanishq, Palani Kumar, Titan Company Ltd, stated, “Today more than 80-85% of our main watch and jewelry factories at Hosur’s electricity is leveraged from renewable sources. As part of our company-wide commitment to energy sustainability, we sought a solution to increase our efficiency in our many store locations while also ensuring our IT solutions’ reliability. We further wanted to reduce the number of batteries and our dependency on lead acid battery solutions. In Schneider Electric we found a true partner. Schneider’s EcoStruxure Micro Data Center solution provides simplified management and operations, connecting our in-store IT infrastructure to ensure uptime and security in an aesthetically-pleasing, compact edge computing solution.”

Palani Kumar believes that the IoT platform from Schneider will help his firm gain benefits on three fronts. Says he, “We believe we will benefit clearly in three areas: safety, security and space utilization. As this is a contained solution, we will eliminate space that was earlier consumed with respect to UPS, server room and a cooling room. With envisaged energy savings close to 5-10% per store, the ROI is significant.”

Expanding their retail showroom and implementing cutting-edge visual merchandising experiences, Tanishq was deploying new IoT-enabled technologies, real-time security surveillance and video analytic platforms that required IT systems locally in its stores. Their existing legacy infrastructure was challenged to handle the requirements of remote management, physical security and resiliency that these technologies require. This challenge is common as businesses are undergoing digital transformation to provide better experiences for customers and leveraging IoT technology to increase efficiency. To meet the needs of digital transformation, IT systems are required at the edge of the network, in locations where there may be a lack of on-site IT staff, physical and cyber security concerns, a lack of integrated or standardized systems and, as a result, poor resiliency.

“In today’s always-on digital world, businesses must use technology to enhance the customer experience while also ensuring sustainability goals are met. Tanishq from Titan is innovating their showrooms for customers while building a sustainable future and the EcoStruxure solution from Schneider Electric helps them meet their goals,” explained Venkatraman Swaminathan, Vice President, Secure Power Division of Schneider Electric. “It is important for companies to choose partners like Schneider Electric and Future Businesstech who understand the unique challenges of edge computing and have the solutions to address those challenges. We look forward to rolling out the solution to more stores in the months ahead.”

Tanishq turned to Schneider Electric and its Elite Partner, Future Businesstech to provide a complete turnkey edge computing solution. The soundproof rack-based solution ensures the new in-store IT solutions are available and efficient while the furniture aesthetic complements non-IT environments like office and retail space. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT Expert keeps Tanishq’s IT Team fully connected to the in-store network through mobile and web applications and EcoStruxure Asset Advisor provides 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting reducing meantime to repair. Netbotz security guards against environmental or physical threats that cause disruption or downtime to IT assets.

Ashok Ramasetty, Executive Vice President, Future Businesstech India Pvt Ltd, who was front-ending the deployment shared his views on the association with Tanishq, “It was an exciting journey with the brand given the deep customization required to keep true to the spirit of the brand. We are happy that with Schneider Electric we could address the technical requirements of the business and the strong visual appeal of our Tanishq brand.”
EcoStruxure is Schneider’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity for our customers. EcoStruxure has been deployed in almost 500,000 sites with the support of 20,000+ developers, 650,000 service providers and partners, 3,000 utilities and connects over 2 million assets under management.

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