Women’s Day: Wearing multiple hats and being cross-skilled can give a lot more perspective: Anupama Kadambi, Chief Experience Officer, GOFRUGAL

By Anupama Kadambi, CXO, Chief Experience Officer, GOFRUGAL

Having started my journey as a software developer to a business consultant and project leader at Hewlett Packard, the sabbatical got me a lot more time for self-introspection to spot my passion. The journey on ‘how to learn’ was very challenging and interesting. I wanted to give a quality outcome on whatever work with little time I had when I restarted work. The pandemic and WFH (work from home and work for home) has resulted in a lot of stress, here are simple ways to take charge of yourself.

1. Identify your goals clearly, prioritize the tasks and learn to say ‘No’ so that you enjoy doing one work perfectly rather than doing multiple things at a time resulting in stress and burnout.

2. Solicit feedback as it can help learn faster. It is a quick way to boost confidence while you try something new. The road to success is not a highway, You need to create it as you go. There are no speed limits, it is the no-excuse mindset that can help you accelerate through. You have to keep working on and perfecting as you go.

3. Spot areas where there is a lack of leadership. Own them. Opportunities lie in the challenges, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. A/B experiment your ideas till you are happy with the outcome you want to achieve.

4. Be the first to take the challenge, Get thrown into battles, that is when we learn faster and deeper. Learn every day. Learn from peers, market, industry experts. Share the learning, teaching them to people around you. It is not how fast you learn, but how deeper you learn. Actual learning happens when you try to apply the learning and measure the impact.

Wearing multiple hats and being cross-skilled can give a lot more perspective. especially when you step into leadership roles. As a CXO, my vision is to build a customer-centric organization. I believe in creating a workplace of ‘Good mothers’. They help the team inculcate good professional habits so that the teams experience happiness and success. Employee success breeds customer success.

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