Yotta Infrastructure Unveiled Its Gigantic Data Center Virtually

Yotta Infrastructure Solutions launched its first data center on Tuesday virtually, that was graced by Union IT Minister Ravi Shakar Prasad, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, Minister for Industries and Mining, Subhash Desai, Niranjan Hiranandani and Darshan Hiranandani, MD and Group CEO, Hiranandani Group

The first data center was being launched by Yotta Infrastructure Solutions today, which would be called as NM1, or Navi Mumbai 1, that comprises 7,200 racks, supported by 50MW of power. While talking to Express Computer, Sunil Gupta, Managing Partner and CEO, Yotta Infrastructure said that with this size and scale this would perhaps be the biggest data center in India, by almost 50% margin, as the largest one in India so far was around 4,500 racks, thus this one seems to be much larger in capacity. Additionally, this data center comes up with a Rare Tier IV Certification by Uptime Institute (USA), which Gupta coined as the ‘Oscar of the Data Center industry’. 

Speaking at the event Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad stressed on the lines of data security, and how the consumption of it has become the need of the hour with each passing day, and especially at a time when organisations are relying on remote working, due to the outbreak of the pandemic, that has certainly led corporations thinking. To quote him, “We shall never compromise on data sovereignty in India.” Continuing on the discussion, the Minister stressed on the relevance and importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also touched upon points like the mobile economy and data economy, both of which carry an immense potential, especially in today’s times. 

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray began his speech on a lighter note while citing references from Kalidasa’s ‘Meghdoot’, bringing in a strong analogy with cloud computing and infrastructure today. He further stressed on the increasing need for going digital, concluding it with the effect and presence of the novel Coronavirus, stating that it’s probably going to persist for sometime more and that we must take very good care of our safety precautions. 

When asked why should customers rely on such a development, Gupta continued, “The major factor would be the massive size and scale, when the customers are coming, especially the hyperscalers, the phenomena in the last five years has been that hyperscalers would normally occupy thousands of racks, once they come to your campus, because they run the cloud services, and due to the great adoption of cloud by the market, and the demand rises the next year. So, it’s imperative for them to operate from large campuses and data center parks, and Yotta provides them unlimited scalability.” He further stressed on the Uptime Tier 4 facility that the particular building is a fault-tolerant one, which has the potential to avoid any single failure of any type like electrical, cooling, structural or automated one.

As of now, the advent of 5G technology has been talked about much and most experts believe that it would have a robust future in India. “These days, a lot of smartphones have come into existence that are 5G enabled, India has a large market for mobile manufacturing, thus 5G ready technology doesn’t look like a challenge in India,” concludes Gupta. 

Here’s a video from an early interaction with Express Computer.

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