What Are The Technological Barriers To Business Communication

A work space that prioritizes effective and smooth communication thrives in a superior and successful light. Avoid these technical barriers to business communication and see the difference

Successful organisations thrive on effective communication as it’s the same thing that leads to fine coordination. When you gather a group of people who are working towards a single organisation goal, it is important that they are communicating both internally and externally. 

Technology has played an interesting role in easing communication with new platforms for internal and external communications. Audio and Visual communication has made it possible for a person to work from one place and be available at all times. For repetitive and cumbersome tasks, Automation technologies such as AI are already giving accurate results. 

Some organisations still face some trouble with technology and overcoming it is a must. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging there is one. 

Here Are Few Technological Barriers To Business Communication For You To Recognize And Break:

Language Barrier

Organisations work with individuals and companies across the world and as one can expect it, they do have the language barriers. People of different nationalities speak different languages and hiring a translator may not always be a good option. 

However, with new technology the audio and video conferencing technology has made communication easier. Some emerging platforms also help with translation.

Integration Problems

Integrating new technology with old can be a cumbersome task and most of the time it is an afterthought. When an organisation decides to migrate to a new technology, the previous technology and integration needs to be adjusted which can be expensive. 

Disruption Concerns

Since an organisation is dealing with a lot of investors, staff, clients etc it can be difficult to plan and schedule the implementation of the technology. It will also be a big discussion where pitching the tech to concerned persons needs to be perfect. 

Training of Employees

Your staff is used to doing things on a platform they have been using for years. To get them to adapt and understand new technology will require training. This training takes a lot of time and effort which the organisation wouldn’t have accounted for earlier. 

Coping with Emerging Technology 

Nobody responds to change with joy, same is the case with employees and managers of an organisation having to adapt to new technologies. A certain resistance at the beginning can affect the business communication. Technological advancements are so rapid nowadays that it can be really difficult for organisations to cope up. 

What’s The One Thing Your Organisation Must Know To Avoid Technological Barriers?

The organisation must be well aware of ongoing trends and emerging technologies so they are prepared to implement it gracefully. What are the emerging trends right now?

Voice, Video and Automation technologies are the upcoming technologies that will soon enter the business sphere and completely take over. 

How do you stay updated and make the transition easier? 

You can read up on emerging trends by recognized business publications. Gather as many insights and opinions you can get before you decide on migrating to new tech. 

You might find Express Computer’s webinar on Business Communication at Crossroads With New Technologies : Voice, Video and Automation Technologies quite interesting. Inigo Pravin A will be sharing some useful information about the tech market owing to his abundant experience in the field. He is currently the Business Unit Head – Communications & Collaboration, India at LogMeIn. 

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