Acer brings personal cloud solution – BYOC

PC vendor Acer India has unveiled an new BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud) solution which enables customers to seamlessly integrate their PC and mobile devices for accessing data — anytime, anywhere. With this launch, Acer reiterates its transformation into a “hardware + software + services” company.

Offering unlimited storage, BYOC is a world where anyone can easily create, personalise and enjoy their connected universe on any device. By using Acer BYOC, consumers can effortlessly build a friendly and personal cross-platform, multi-device cloud without a significant investment in time and resources.

Unveiling the cloud solution, S. Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India, said, “Cloud technology is a disruptive concept and the industry, realising its potential, is working towards unlocking its full range of capabilities. Acer is spearheading value-driven change by handing over the power of the cloud to the people.

“With the launch of our BYOC solution, we have completely redefined the meaning of the cloud for our consumers. We are confident that the new service will help us empower our consumers in a more efficient and effective manner and will also help us build greater competitive advantage in the marketplace,” added Rajendran.

To offer an enhanced customer experience, Acer has also developed a suite of Acer BYOC apps (abApps) to help organize personal content such as music, photos and files. abFiles, abDocs, abPhoto, abMusic, abVideo and abMedia, allow consumers to simply use their own PC as their personal cloud storage.

Within this secure and reliable environment, consumers can store, sync, and share their digital data easily across three popular operating systems, Windows, Android and iOS. Acer’s BYOC is designed to enhance customer experience by being flexible on data transfers, with content availability and access/sync happening only when it is needed.

Traditionally when data is stored in the cloud, the data is stored on remote servers in other parts of the world. With Acer BYOC, data is stored in one’s own device at home or office, where one can manage directly with more privacy. The most advanced AES encryption technology used by Acer BYOC protects the media and files while keeping them safe from harm.

Additionally, with BYOC, one’s digital life is seamlessly accessible and synchronized wirelessly across the entire ecosystem of devices used, irrespective of brand of the product. The BYOC app comes pre-installed on all Acer notebooks and tablet PCs running on Windows and Android operating systems.

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