5 Health-Tech Startups To Help You Through The Lockdown

As Covid-19 forces us to stay inside and safe, this might be a good time to evaluate our well being and better our immunity system.

The age of startups has dawned rather ceremoniously in India and the year 2020 seems to be more welcoming for scaling of innovative health tech startups. The healthcare market is set to grow worthy of $370 billion by 2020 and with technology coming into the picture, a prediction of 40 million job generation by 2030 has been made. 

Technology has touched upon all sectors and for healthcare, it has been particularly noble. By allowing healthcare to be easily available, connecting doctors, disseminating crucial information and giving more power to an individual to their well being, health tech startups have really been surprising. 

While COVID-19 continues to remain the topic of conversation in households, this lockdown period might just be an alarm bell to your mental and physical well being! 

We have enlisted 5 health tech startups that will help you better your health during this lockdown. Here you go: 


This health services platform delivers medicines and arranges for teleconsultations across the country. Adding to this, the platform also provides useful health-related content to its users and not only this, the content is available in 13 different Indian languages. Since India is home to many languages, this alternative works well for MyUpchar. They claim to have around 35 million pages of health content that you could browse through to access credible information. 

The startup is also working on advancing its virtual reality interface and media options such as voice and video. They have a userbase of 1 crore as checked in 2019. 


Cult fitness came in with so much energy that it did actually create an entire cult that works relentlessly on bettering their health. The other verticals- eat.fit and cure.fit help with assessing diet and mental health. Bringing all these 3 platforms together, Cure.fit has launched Care.fit. Which eases the process of doctor consultation, health checkups and care options, all on one digital platform. They provide DIY fitness content and also physical spaces. 

The company received $120 million funding in 2018 which they effectively used in building their AI-driven offerings for health planning. They also used the funds to explore new markets and create own fitness devices. 


This is a platform you should definitely use to understand your health graph and never lose your documents again! Ekincare allows people to store medical documents and access them whenever they want and from wherever they want. This will help the user make sense of their medical data and also help them understand it by the medical graph the platform prepares for the user. This lockdown, fix everything in your body that you were taking for granted!


An e-commerce website purely for health products! The lockdown may not allow you to go out and buy products but with this online selling platform, you can identify what you need and order it. HealthKart has a wide range of fitness products you could browse through and also a good stock of healthcare products such as nutrients, diabetes supplies, baby care products, and home medical devices. The delivery of these products is taken care of by HealthKart themselves since there can be no risk taken with medical products. 

The company also has an app called FitUp that enlightens users on health supplements and also gives nutrition counseling. 


The platform provides users with the ability to have a look into their inner health that is based on Ayurvedic form of healing. An AI doctor will consult with you to identify your inner health by selfie face analysis which will identify aging or obesity and body constitution. After obtaining relevant health information, a health fingerprint of the user is created which gives recommendations for food, herbs, and lifestyle. 

In accordance with WHO guidelines and data, the app also uses its AI to identify and ascertain the user’s ‘corona risk’. This is done by evaluating symptoms and data on mortality provided by WHO. 

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There you go! Explore these health tech startups to assess and ensure your mental and physical well being during this lockdown. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. 

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