ElixirAI’s proprietary solution implemented Pune & Kolhapur Municipal Corporation with Geo-AI enabled Property Tax enhancement

ElixirAI’s proprietary solution determines the unassessed taxable properties for Municipal Corporations (MC)/ Urban Local Bodies (ULB)/ Tax Departments.

The solution, built using very high-resolution satellite images, GIS mapping, and AI-based image recognition, has the ability and has proven to enhance the tax base and revenue for the Government departments. Moreover, being fully auditable and transparent, this application-based solution can be scaled turnkey across any city in India / World (irrespective of geographies) with a 30-45 day implementation and turnaround time.

The solution leverages the power of multi-temporal satellite imagery and advancement in Geospatial and AI/ML technology.

A key VAS, in addition to revenue enhancement, is the Enrichment and Cleansing of the existing property tax of the MCs and enriching the data with location (Longitude and Latitude). As we know, this will have mufti-fold benefits in Data Migration and Data Laking of creating a centralised database for all such APEX bodies,

Presently, ElixirAI is live at:-

  • Pune Municipal Corporation – Identification of INR 32 Crore+ additional property tax

  • Kolhapur Municipal Corporation – 50+ unique properties identified in 1 ward, additional revenue estimation WIP

Mayurakshi Das, Founder, Elixir AI, said, “A turn-key, low overhead and revenue solution – ElixirAI’s innovation aims at being a Revenue Generating/increasing Tax Revenue solutions for Government bodies rather than a Cost Center.”

ElixirAI R&D team continues to rigorously work on adding more use cases and can also be used for the below:-

  • Automated alerts of building construction – Useful for segregation of illegal properties that are without Building Permission

  • identifying usages of properties – Commercial/Residential for correct calculation of tax rates

  • Solid Waste Management – Identification of dumping spots and aiding the Swacch Bharat initiative.

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