How Is China Coping Up With The COVID-19 Outbreak?

China seems to be undeterred by the major outbreak and the nation is working relentlessly to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has become a major calamity, that has left millions vulnerable and many cities under lockdown. However, China has been adopting to the newest forms of technology to curb the pandemic. Here’s a download of the same!

Colour Coding

The Chinese Government has joined hands with tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent, in order to develop a colour coded health rating system that is helping in tracking millions of people everyday. 

The smartphone app assigns three colours – green, yellow and red based on their travel and medical histories. Based on this, it is decided whether a person must be quarantined or allowed in public spaces, after using the designated QR code at metro stations, offices and other public places.


These robots have been on the frontline everywhere, to curb the pandemic. They engage in preparing meals at hospitals, doubling up as waiters in restaurants, spraying disinfectants, and what not. 

According to Reuters, Little Peanut, a small robot is delivering food to Passengers that were on a flight from Singapore to Hangzhou, China. They are currently been quarantined in a hotel.

Big Data And Facial Recognition

In this pandemic situation, access to public information has led to the creation of dashboards that are monitoring the virus continuously. Various organisations have been developing dashboards using Big data. China has installed Face Recognition and infrared temperature detection techniques in all leading cities of China. 

There are Chinese AI companies like SenseTime and Hanwang Technology that have come up with a special facial recognition technology that can recognise infected people even if they are masked. 

Autonomous Vehicles

During this time of crisis, there is a severe crunch of healthcare professionals. Also, there is an increasing risk in frequent contact holds. Here, autonomous vehicles have been proven guilty in delivering essential goods like medicine and food.

Baidu’s autonomous vehicle, Baidu, has partnered with a self-driving startup ‘Neolix’. This delivers supplies and food to the big hospitals in Beijing. Also, Idriverplus, a Chinese self-driving firm that operates an electric street that cleans vehicles.

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