Huawei’s Indian R&D center migrates to its own cloud computing platform

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Huawei Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (HTIPL), the overseas R&D center of Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) provider has announced that the R&D center has successfully migrated to its own cloud computing platform called “Desktop cloud”. The Huawei Desktop cloud integrates computing and storage capabilities into the cloud which one can easily access using thin client anytime, anywhere.

Huawei‘s Indian R&D center had envisioned  migrating to cloud  for better centralised IT management and effective data protection alongside providing efficient IT support to its employees.  The India center has successfully transitioned 2500 R&D employees to the Desktop cloud. Previously, to ensure the safe evolution of IT systems, 10,000 R&D employees at Huawei’s Shanghai Research Center had successfully migrated to a desktop cloud for their daily operations by mid-2011. The success story in the Shanghai Research Center greatly encouraged the IT department, which was eager to expand the application of the cloud computing platform and replicate the “Shanghai Research Center Model”. Presently all Huawei research centers have successfully transitioned all of its 70,000 R&D employees to the desktop cloud.

Huawei Desktop cloud offers a number of advantages such as ensuring a secure office environment with unified data processing without having to worry about data leaks as well as a mobile office feature enabling easy data acccess. The Desktop cloud solution offers a no-noise, low radiation and healthy work environment to its employees.  This move has helped in cutting IT costs while improving efficiency & accessibility and has also assured a secure and reliable data storage system. The Cloud Desktop environment as been able to reduce overall expenses by 88% as compared to the traditional Desktop computer and has improved the equipment replacement frequency from three years in a traditional desktop computer to more than 10 years in present Desktop cloud solution.

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