India launches National Cybersecurity Reference Framework NCRF

The Government of India has been consistently working on providing structured guidance on cyber security to the Critical Sectors of the nation. These include Telecom, Power and Energy, Transportation, Finance, Strategic Entities, Government Entities and the Health sectors. This major initiative is being driven by the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre under a project funded by the National Security Council Secretariate.

On 12th June 2023, at an event organized at Persistent Systems Limited, Pune, the National Cyber Security Coordinator Lt General Rajesh Pant announced that the first version of this NCRF document has been finalized and it is ready for public release. The framework will be a guiding document for the critical sector entities to develop their governance and management systems as well as their architecture framework for both Information Technology and Operational technology systems.

The NCRF will be a living document to be constantly updated to reflect new threats and technologies. Organizations can use the NCRF to improve their cybersecurity posture, reduce their risk of a data breach or any cybersecurity incident, ensure compliance with regulations, increase confidence with customers and enhance operational efficiency.

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