Intel to scale Intelligence Systems group in India

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Chip maker Intel Corp said that it would increase the scope of its Intelligent Systems Group (ISG) in India and that it would also focus on sectors such as retail, automotive, communications & networking as well as security. The intelligent systems developed by Intel will be infused with compute capabilities from the low-power Atom processor to the high-performance Xeon processor family, the company said.

Intel said that it would be pitching its next-generation Intel Core vPro processors for the intelligent systems demands in the retail, healthcare and industrial sector. The company said that its offerings for intelligent systems would also ensure security and effective management.

“There is demand in every industry and every market segment for intelligent solutions that will drastically improve user experience and RoI for companies in the areas of processing performance, manageability, security and network connectivity,” said S Natarajan, Country Business Manager – Embedded Markets, Intel South Asia. According to IDC, the market for intelligent systems will increase to $2 trillion in 2015, on the back of an explosion in data and computing devices.

Intelligent Systems, a new category of embedded systems, refers to a system where securely managed electronic devices like computers, smartphones and tablets autonomously connect to the Internet, execute native or Cloud-based applications and analyze the data that has been collected.

“Data generation is only going to increase and sectors like retail, communication and security are areas where management of the data in a secure manner is crucial,” said Natarajan.

Globally, Intel’s Intelligent Systems Group offers computing solutions to over 3,500 customers from retail and automotive system to healthcare manufacturing and communications solutions such as digital signage systems in major shopping malls, or in-vehicle infotainment systems for auto makers.

According to IDC, the market for intelligent systems is developing rapidly and will grow to more than a third of all major electronic systems by 2015.

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