JITO Angel Network invested INR 47 cr in 28 startups in FY22

 JITO Angel Network (JAN), the only global community-based Angel network in India, has announced that it invested around INR 47 crores in fresh as well as follow-on investments in as many as 28 startup companies in FY22. The investments supported companies with strong products and services in different early stages of funding.

During the year, the edtech and fintech sector raked in maximum interest from JITO Angel Network investors. Other companies that garnered substantial interest were in the Media and IoT sector, followed by Healthcare, Defense, AR/VR, and E-commerce.  JITO Angel Network received over 1,250 applications and conducted more than 1,000 pre-screenings.

Few companies it invested in last year include Vidyakul, Saarthi, Yangpoo, KopyKitab, Siply, Pickright, S- Ancial, GalaxyCard , Fello, Homeville, Ajnalens, Aten Porus Lifesciences, Epigeneres Biotech, Marj Technologies, NanoSniff Technologies, Biocraft Scientific, Taqanal Energy, SpoofSense , PlantVita, The Hosteller, BHyve and many more.

The Network Supported early stage entrepreneurs in the last year they invested in 10 Seed stage companies. Few growth stage companies were also added to the portfolio. For the first time network investors participated in a Series B round of a company which is a breakthrough in the Healthcare industry. The network helps all the portfolio to leverage the JAIN community platform in various forms such as business partnerships, strategic partnerships and investments and a lot more.  The year also marked record returns on our investments, a whopping 375 per cent, through six full and partial investments.

“FY21-22 was a stellar year in terms of both investments made and returns gained on exits. We witnessed a rise in the quantum of business ventures, and we are pleased to create opportunities for emerging founders and entrepreneurs to strengthen their overall business structure and achieve their entrepreneurial visions,” said Sunil Kumar Singhvi, Vice Chairman, JAN.

“We anticipate the Indian startup ecosystem to continue the growth momentum, while achieving higher ROIs,” adds Kumar.

So far, the network of over 360 angel investors has invested over INR 106 crores in 56 companies. In FY22-23, JITO Angel Network aims to invest in Defence, Space Tech and Drone companies. Its current portfolio is valued upward of INR 300 crores.

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