Karnataka Govt launches Covid-19 tracking platform developed by Nasscom taskforce

As the world is battling out the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic crisis, technology adoption has played a crucial role in containing the spread of the virus and has paved the way for a normal and healthier living environment.  Continuing its efforts to fight this global pandemic with the use of technology, NASSCOM Taskforce has developed an end to end COVID-19 tracking platform, which is being adopted by the Government of Karnataka.

Innovated by the NASSCOM Task Force, Dashboards Developed for the state include a Karnataka Listening Dashboard for COVID-19

Other highlights include:

• Covid summary – key facts useful for officials to get a quick glance of state and district level numbers
• Covid source analysis – cases in the last 24 hours and their origin & spread analysis
• Testing summary- Covid+ rates by number of tests
• Tests by category – useful to understand the source of infections
• Hospital capacity- bed occupancy and availability by district
• India summary – state level summary to give details on COVID

The multi-faceted, open architecture platform with its various advanced AI technology models assists state governments in sustainable industry recovery and helps them in taking informed decision in managing the path to recovery and phased opening across the states. The platform is based on a plug and play concept, providing the benefit to users to decide which features they want to use and integrate with their existing platform as needed. The platform can be hosted on any cloud platform based on the preference of the state government.

The project showcased the collaborative efforts from some of the top IT minds in developing solution architecture pro bono to assist the government in its fight against the crisis.

As part of the launch, the NASSCOM Task force will provide the first set of dashboards for use by the Government and will add more in the coming weeks. Today’s launch has been made possible due to tireless effort of the NASSCOM Taskforce team which includes companies like Intel India, Fractal Analytics, Microsoft India, AWS, Mindtree, SAP Labs India, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Sprinklr, Tableau, Mapbox, and others

Sharing his thoughts on the platform, Dr. C. N. Ashwath Narayan, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka, said, “We have been driving all our efforts tirelessly to fight this ongoing crisis and it has been great to witness the industry joining their hands against our war on COVID-19. In these testing times technology innovation has been our greatest ally. Using innovative technology solutions to fight the pandemic, we are taking a huge step towards showcasing the country’s capacity to solve real time issues in any environment.”

The pandemic response platform is designed to benefit the central and state governments and boost their efforts by analysing a diverse set of population scale indicators that can predict certain outbreaks and advance medical care administration. The platform will provide real time streaming of data about the pandemic, across regions and states in the country and source this data from public sources that includes select social channels, websites, blogs, forums and public data sets to create actionable reporting dashboards, which will allow the government to project insights sourced from the information with public datasets display on command centre screens.

Having deployed the platform in two states in India, the NASSCOM Task Force is committed to deliver a similar platform to other states across the country.

Sharing his thoughts, Dr E V Ramana Reddy, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Dept. of ITBT, said, “India today is digitizing faster than most of the countries in the world and in these unprecedented times, it is phenomenal to see how technology leads and architects are coming together and are collaborating resources to co-create innovations to fight COVID-19. India has tremendous potential to innovate and quickly develop tech solutions be it governance, healthcare or even COVID tracking apps during such adverse scenarios. We thank the NASSCOM Taskforce for providing an end to end integrated COVID tracking platform for the Government of Karnataka. This will go a long way in charting out strategic roadmaps and develop solutions as we gear up for a post lockdown environment.”

Speaking on the launch, Debjani Ghosh, President, NASSCOM said, “Whenever our country has faced large scale crisis, the technology industry has stood up to the task to support and help India fight the situation. NASSCOM is tremendously proud of its members and is extremely reassuring to see that the IT industry has come together to innovate and develop solutions for the benefit of India and Indians and help our nation fight the pandemic”

Sharing her thoughts Nivruti Rai, Country Head, Intel India and VP, Data Platforms Group, Intel and lead of NASSCOM Covid-19 Technology Taskforce, said, “Amidst this unprecedented challenge, it has been humbling and inspirational to see the industry come together with a commitment to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging technology. As part of this NASSCOM task force, we have built a technology-driven vision of a Pandemic Response Platform for India – a platform that we architected as an open API-based locally hosted, privacy preserving, multi-cloud infrastructure that enables a multitude of citizen-centric apps. This Pandemic Response Platform is designed to augment the central and state governments’ efforts with a robust set of population scale COVID-19 indicators that help predict outbreaks and improve medical care administration. We are pleased to announce that we are delivering a first-of-its-kind COVID-19 tracking platform and dashboard to the Government of Karnataka. We will continue to develop solutions jointly with the government to get us ahead as a nation. We thank the government for their continued support and for trusting the NASSCOM Task Force to deliver this project.”

Speaking on the announcement, Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Vice-Chairman, Fractal Analytics, said, “Fractal is delighted to provide data science and data engineering support to Government of Karnataka under the aegis of NASSCOM. In this fast-evolving situation, data driven decision-making is critical to managing the spread of the disease, managing healthcare outcomes and reopening the economy smartly.”

Manish Prakash, Country General Manager-Public Sector, Health and Education, Microsoft India, said, “In these challenging times, Microsoft has been working to adopt a digital first responder mindset to empower organizations on the frontlines of COVID-19 response. From tele-medicine solutions, to facilitating online work, classes, and consultations, we are committed to supporting businesses, educational institutions, governments, communities, and individuals in this new normal. No one company is going to solve a crisis of this scale alone. Co-ordinated efforts between the government and industry will be important for sharing data and best practices and developing innovative response mechanisms. We are proud to partner with NASSCOM and the Govt of Karnataka in our effort to keep communities safe, connected, and informed.”

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