Nabstract gears up to showcase CAMARA API enablement innovations for its Telco, public cloud and API management platform partners at MWC 2024

Nabstract, is set to showcase its latest innovations at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. At the global event, the company will be presenting its innovative product lines for telcos -NIOP, a vendor-agnostic API monetisation platform, and Nabstract NEF, a versatile, secure, and standards-compliant scalable network exposure function,
in line with the GSMA open gateway initiative.

Sharing his thoughts on the company’s partnership with public cloud companies, Vaibhav Mehta, Founder & Director, Nabstract said, “Successful B-2-B Partnerships can evolve with Public Cloud Companies and Telcos, if Telcos start to offer network-capabilities in the form of APIs in collaboration with public cloud companies, to accelerate NaaS-based alliances.”

Nabstract is partnering with global public cloud providers to provide E-2-E demos for its telco-partners, supporting them in leveraging complex NaaS capabilities like Traffic Influence, and helping them simplify and monetise 5G Network APIs. If done right, public cloud application partners can use CAMARA-based Network APIs to enable their Application developers to consume and enhance emerging applications with Network APIs.

Nabstract will be demonstrating CAMARA API capabilities and GSMA Open Gateway Adoption for leading telcos in the world. Some of the use cases will be presented using the Computer Vision Applications of Intel Open VINO, a powerful deep learning toolkit developed by Intel, to showcase developers’ ease in enriching their applications with 5G Network APIs. The conventional use-case of quality on demand (QoD) was static and not developer-friendly.

In this demo, Nabstract will be showcasing interactive applications like computer vision or AR-VR, which will dynamically define the use of QoD, based on different events that are triggered by the device location, device status, or enterprise developer requirements. Some of the other demos, which leverage the immense information available with the network providers, include the use of Device Location retrieval, Geofencing device location verification device information like SIM association, and others.

In another demo, Nabstract 5G network APIs, SDK, and connectors will be exposed to developers using CAMARA API capabilities. Simplifying CAMARA API enablement, Nabstract, and its API management platform partners will be demonstrating a complete 5G API Monetisation journey for telcos, with developers making access to API marketplaces and developer portals to fine-tune their applications to get them network-ready and finally to adopt CAMARA APIs.

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