NASSCOM XPERIENCE AI: A fillip to AI ecosystem

NASSCOM Centre of Excellence for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence recently organised XPERIENCE AI, a program aimed to provide a platform for AI companies to “co-ideate, co-innovate and co-create” with the enterprises and the industry at large.

“The CoE – DSAI initiative has been established on a public-private partnership model, to accelerate the AI ecosystem. We have also just completed one year of the launch of our AI CoE,” said Mohanakrishnan P, Head CoE – DS & AI, NASSCOM.

“Innovations and use of Artificial Intelligence should be about enhancing people’s lives. India, should not only be building AI solutions which reshape businesses globally but it also should empower people leading to sustainable development. Under its AI4Good program, CoE – DSAI is enabling the government to benefit from various AI innovations and realize the power of AI in playing a transformative role. Another focus is to accelerate adoption of AI by the core or the non-tech industry be it banking, manufacturing, pharma, retail or aviation to solve some of the most complex business problems. There is a huge scope of adoption of AI solutions by Indian enterprises. According to a Niti Aayog report, by 2035 AI can impact Indian economy by US$ 957 billion. NASSCOM AI CoE is catalysing innovation and bringing together the key decision makers from different industry domains to expand their innovation boundaries by tapping into capabilities of start-up innovations,” said Mohanakrishnan P.

Prashant Kuppur, Founder & CEO,, said, “NASSCOM has given a great platform to showcase our products and solutions and interact with user enterprises from across verticals.”, is a startup which provides an AI-powered, codeless, SaaS based development platform. The company claims that their platform reduces Enterprise Software Development and deployment cycle from months to weeks.

The XPERIENCE AI program witnessed over 30 AI innovators and more than 75 key decision makers from various industries participate. This helps them understand the AI landscape and provides them an opportunity to explore and realize co-innovation synergies. “Although organisations build in-house solutions but they face challenge for resources. Co-innovation is the new catalysis paradigm which helps organizations differentiate and maintain a competitive edge. Co-innovation empowers highly adaptive models and multiply the positives. CoE – DSAI is bringing in the power of 400+ AI startups in the country for Enterprises to co-ideate, co-innovate and co-create,” informed Mohanakrishnan.

Commenting on the progress, he said “During its one year of journey, CoE- DSAI has been catalyzing innovation quotient and nurturing the growth of AI ecosystem through co-innovation, enabling public transformation, talent development and co-creation through industry collaboration. It has shown its impact at the ground level and has a multiplier effect across the country.”

He further pointed out, “Last year, MyGov engaged CoE – DSAI for inclusive development, ensuring that the fruits of digital empowerment reach every household in India. MyGov, the innovative platform to build a partnership between Citizens and Government, interacts with over 8 million users. These interactions happen primarily in Hindi and other Indic languages which are critical in understanding ground-level citizen issues, sentiments and help enhance participative governance on key policy initiatives. However, the magnitude, the complexity, multitude of languages of interactions is highly difficult to decipher manually. Earlier, there were no off-shelf or readily available solutions and there was an ardent need of innovation that catered to Indian languages leveraging Voice and Speech AI. CoE – DSAI curated Citizen Voice Challenge which harnessed the power of AI to bring out automated solutions for the next emerging billions through a voice-first medium, foster their participation in governance and holistically consume and implement their feedback.”

CoE – DSAI assisted Karnataka Forest Department to optimize its timber sales through an AI framework for insights and analytics curating a set of 25 Innovators and among them, one is now shortlisted to execute the project. The same solution can be replicated across other forest departments. The CoE helped Karnataka State Pollution Control Board to ensure that their current vendors provide one consistent “Intelligent Visualisation” for ambient air monitoring.

In April this year, NASSCOM has launched ‘AI Foundation for Faculty’, a Faculty Development program through its CoE – DS & AI and FutureSkill platform. According to a NASSCOM statement, “The objective of this initiative is to develop an eco-system of world-class faculty in the AI space, which translates into world-class talent who are ready to be absorbed by the industry into their workforce. The program will be launched initially for technical colleges and universities of Karnataka and will expand across the country eventually. As part of this program, NASSCOM CoE – DSAI aims to upskill nearly 2000 faculty members in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning through multiple interventions and impact nearly 25,000 undergraduates pursuing AI related courses.”

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  • Ira

    The Center of Excellence of NASSCOM is welcoming new emerging startups and mentoring them to innovate something for the betterment of the nation. It has its 2 incubation centers available at Gandhi Nagar and Bangalore.

  • Ira

    The Center of Excellence of NASSCOM is welcoming new emerging startups and mentoring them to innovate something for the betterment of the nation. It has its 2 incubation centers available at Gandhi Nagar and Bangalore.