OwnersTown Forays partners with several companies to offer investment options

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Bengaluru-based property-tech startup OwnersTown, has ventured into the investment-technology domain by collaborating with various companies and offering a wide range of secured and unsecured asset based investment solutions to the Indian audience. As a traditional mindset, Indians are usually accustomed to investing in one of the two forms of investment options i.e., either property or gold; however with this revolutionary step taken by OwnersTown, it shall not only educate the masses on the various other investment choices but will also provide a safe, authentic and reliable platform for them to make informed investment decisions.

OwnersTown has partnered with a plethora of companies/investment authorities including reputable names like Bajaj Finance, Oro Wealth, Grips, My Forex Eye, among others to offer a variety of investment options to its customers. The investment accounts of the companies that the start-up has partnered with are already live on OwnersTown’s mobile app from where an user can select his/her preferred investment option and then go ahead with transacting offline to make an investment. On the other hand, OwnersTown’s website will be parallely aggregating all investment product opportunities available.

Below is a list of the various companies that OwnersTown has partnered with so far and the respective investment option that each of them will be offering via OwnersTown:

  • Bajaj Finance – Fixed Deposit (low risk – low return)
  • Grips : Asset Leasing (medium risk – medium return)
  • Strata : Fractional property Ownership (low risk – medium return)
  • hBits : Fractional property Ownership (low risk – medium return)
  • Prop Share : Fractional property Ownership (low risk – medium return)
  • Myre Capitals : Fractional property Ownership (low risk – medium return)
  • Santalum Habitat : Sandalwood Farming  (low risk – medium return)
  • Future Farming – Crop cultivation (low risk – medium return)
  • Oro Wealth – Mutual Funds  (medium risk – medium return)
  • De-Energy – Solar energy assets  (medium risk – medium return)
  • My Forex Eye – Portfolio Management in Forex (high risk – high return)

Apart from the above-mentioned companies, OwnersTown has also partnered with LiquiLoans and LendBox for P2P lending based investments, as well as with Tradecred and KredX for invoice discounting investments. As a new-age investment options’ aggregator, OwnersTown will be looking to grow their investment-related partnerships constantly in the times to come.

Speaking about their one-of-its-kind investment tech solution, Abhishek Jindal, Founder and CEO, OwnersTown said, “We have created a seamless platform wherein we encourage and recommend the clients to invest in multiple asset classes. This will help the client or user to weigh their new options and make the right choice for them. With OwnersTown’s value added services, they get a broader range of opportunities and market knowledge that they have been not exposed to before. This enables the users/clients on our platform to make an informed decision and make beneficial investments, thereby creating an ecosystem of mutual growth. On the other hand, the partnering companies will benefit through this collaboration with more traction of the asset class, a reputable brand name, goodwill creation and trust, and they will also gain more investment into their products which is the key aspect of this collaboration. In the near future, we at OwnersTown will be attempting to expand our horizon to find opportunities outside India and focusing on the international investors interested in the investing in the Indian market.”

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