Professionals with super-niche skills high in demand as India Inc. fights rising attrition: Quess Report

With the rapid rise in the adoption of digital technologies shaping India’s techade across domains, the demand for skilled talent continues to rise across segments in the current employment scenario in the country. Data from Quess, India’s leading business solutions provider, reveals that the top digital skills with the highest intent to hire across sectors and geographies were Data Analytics, Java Technologies, Cloud Infra Technologies, Full Stack Technologies, and UI & UX for the time period April-June 2022.

The Indian tech industry clocked double-digit growth across sub-sectors adding $30 billion in revenues and nearly 450,000 jobs in FY 2022, as reported by NASSCOM. India’s massive digital infrastructure played a key role in driving the country’s tech adoption with public digital platforms becoming the bedrock of India’s digital advantage. This led to a spike in digital talent hiring and activities undertaken by companies around skilling soared.

Vijay Sivaram, CEO, Quess IT Staffing commented, “While there are seeming headwinds in the tech hiring market, certain skills continue to be high in demand such as Full Stack roles and Data Analytics roles. As organizations continue in their digital and cloud transformation journeys, we are witnessing a hiring uptick in the same. Startup hiring is in moderation, however, on the other hand, India continues to see growth in captives, particularly in tech & R&D.”

Top Digital Skills in Demand

With the rapid rise in the adoption of digital technology across industry segments, the need for trained talent adept in digital skills continues to soar. The top five digital skills in demand are namely Data Analytics, Java Technologies, Cloud Infra Technologies, Full Stack Technologies, and UI & UX. Data Analytics led the pie with the highest demand in Bengaluru (40%) and Hyderabad (30%), while Java Technologies witnessed maximum demand in Pune (40%) and Bengaluru (25%). Cloud Infra Technologies most popular in Bengaluru (60%) and Chennai (15%) was also among the top digital skills, followed by Full Stack Technologies across Bengaluru (72%) and Pune (14%), and UI & UX across Pune (52%) and Bengaluru (24%).


Top Cities

As per the Quess report, hiring activity across geographical locations for the top digital skills was primarily dominated by IT metro hubs in India. Hyderabad noted the lion’s share of demand (34%) followed by Bengaluru (33%), Mumbai (12%), Pune (9%), and Chennai (5%). With companies today expanding their presence beyond metros, cities such as NCR, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and Jaipur among others have also noted increased demand for digital skills.

Sector-specific trends

Growth in digital applications across the globe has resulted in a huge surge in the need for talent across sectors. Quess data indicates that the top five industries reflecting voluminous demand curves include Products (22%), Automotive & Engineering (11%), BFSI (11%), Telecom (11%), and Consulting (9%). More and more companies today are developing cutting-edge digital products to enhance their businesses and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Large tech transformations, adoption of virtualization and connectivity, and clean technologies have altered the course of the digital industry in the country, and the demand for newer tech-infused roles is estimated to ascend.

For India, upskilling continues to be the need of the hour given the emergence of present-day tech assets such as the metaverse and Web 3.0. Given this trend, the number of courses available for skilling across numerous domains has also grown multifold in India.


The data is derived from the algorithm built into the company’s application tracking system which maps and matches all candidates to the positions. The data is for the time period April-June ‘22.


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