QuakeLogic Marks Its Entry into India by Partnering with AI-Powered Arahas Technologies

Gurugram based Arahas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. allied with the Californian firm QuakeLogic to launch an innovative Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning System aimed at enhancing earthquake resilience across the Indian Subcontinent.

Arahas Technologies brings to the table an advanced IoT platform for meticulous real-time monitoring, ensuring vigilant tracking of structural integrity, thus enriching our understanding of the buildings and infrastructure behaviour.

Aided by AI and sophisticated data analysis, Arahas Technologies’ platform is adept at predictive forecasting, identifying potential structural risks, and promoting earthquake preparedness through a forward-thinking lens.

QuakeLogic introduces its proficiency in rapid early warning, providing immediate notifications during seismic incidents, a vital step in damage limitation and public safety assurance.

The collaboration prioritises easy accessibility and user experience, with Arahas Technologies offering an accessible and intuitive interface for stakeholders on both web and mobile platforms, ensuring essential information is readily available when most needed.

The technology’s flexibility allows for its application in new and existing constructions, making it an optimal solution for varied architectural environments.

Saurabh Rai, CEO of Arahas Technologies, shares his excitement about the venture, remarking on the system’s contribution to the safety of communities in earthquake-sensitive zones within the Indian Subcontinent.

Dr. Erol Kalkan, CEO of QuakeLogic, emphasises the significance of structural health assessments, articulating how the technology’s sophisticated algorithms detect structural frailties, fostering pre-emptive measures to reduce earthquake-induced damages.

Arahas Technologies, a 20-year veteran in the IT and AI sector, is recognised for leveraging technology in sustainable practices, focusing on areas like agriculture, water resources, forest and soil conservation, air quality, and disaster management. Notably, the company has been involved in the Amruth program, advancing digital land record modernisation across various Indian states.

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