Quantum Ecosystems and Technology Council of India (QETCI) organises National Quantum Science and Technology Symposium 2023

Quantum Ecosystems and Technology Council of India (QETCI) along with Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeITy), Government of India organised the 1st National Quantum Science and Technology Symposium (NQSTS) on 14th & 15th December 2023 at Scope Convention Centre, New Delhi. National Quantum Science and Technology Symposium (NQSTS) was organised with the objective to galvanise the Quantum Eco System in the country and develop synergies to leverage the Quantum Technology to solve real life problems. NQSTS is a quantum odyssey designed to break boundaries, spark innovation, and unite visionaries to envision and explore the disruptive use of quantum technology with shared global learning.

National Quantum Science and Technology Symposium (NQSTS) had distinguished Speakers from Govt, Policy makers, Policy experts, Technical Experts, Business Leaders representing the complete Quantum Ecosystem in India. The experts sharing their views and experiences with the use of Quantum technology in the real world and the possibilities that lay ahead. The highlight of the 2-day symposium was the launch of the Centre for Quantum Security and Forum – a joint initiative by Quantum Science and Technology Symposium (QETCI) and CR Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics Statistics and Computer Science (CR Rao AIMSCS). The Centre will work with multiple stakeholders in the Quantum Security Ecosystem, create a community, and provide a place for experimentation, Proof of Concepts, Vendor Neutral papers and reports, training, workshops, etc. It is designed to fast-track quantum security measures and implementations.

To forge strategic partnerships to accelerate research and adoption of Quantum Technology a MoU was signed between QETCI and BeST Cluster to supporting the Bangalore Quantum Ecosystem, in the Research to Commercialisation, Startups and Market Opportunity Creation. A Quantum Security Centre was also launched and the logo was unveiled.

The Quantum Value Chain Report was also released at the symposium in the presence of Honourable Member Niti Aayog and Chairperson QETCI, Dr V K Saraswat and Shri S Krishnan, the Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). It is a comprehensive report on the Quantum Ecosystem in India including the supply chain, allied value chains, non-supply chain elements in the ecosystem and does a deep dive into the Strength and Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats associated with the Indian Quantum Ecosystem. The Report will be the basis for making data-based policy recommendations for strengthening the quantum supply chain in India.

Dr. V K Saraswat Chairman QETCI expressed, “Today signifies a significant stride in our quantum journey. QETCI is dedicated to establishing a robust foundation in the Quantum Landscape by uniting the education ecosystem. Together, we can cultivate collaboration in shaping curricula, extending crucial support to MSMEs and Startups.” Elaborating on the vision, he added, “QETCI envisions crafting an innovative environment, constructing mechanisms for G2G and B2B collaboration, thus assuming a groundbreaking role in nurturing and fortifying the quantum ecosystem.”

Touching upon the introduction of the Quantum Value Chain Report, he remarked, “The Quantum Value Chain report stands as evidence of our joint efforts in advancing quantum research and development.”
He underscored the pivotal role of the Quantum Value Chain and stressed the significance of international collaboration, stating, “Collaboration is the life force of our quantum pursuits, transcending boundaries and facilitating the smooth flow of knowledge across nations. We must contemplate concrete ways to enhance international collaboration in the quantum realm.”

Emphasising the significance of the Quantum Value Chain Report, Shri Krishnan, Secretary Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology ( Meity) highlighted that,” The report sets the groundwork for advancing quantum technologies within the country. Additionally, there are need for collaborative efforts among the government, industry, and academia to prepare the nation for global competitiveness.” He also highlighted MeitY’s initiative in the area of Quantum Technologies.

“The world is looking forward to a paradigm shift from classical to quantum, which holds promise in all aspects of technology. DRDO being one of the leading centres for quantum technologies, is taking steps to further the Government of India’s ambitious National Quantum Mission (NQM)”, said Dr. Samir V. Kamat, Chairperson of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

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