Safe Cams introduces driver status monitor cameras in India

Commemorating UN Global Road Safety Week 2021, Pune based SCDE Solutions has announced in the Indian market the launch of its latest innovation, Driver Status Monitor (DSM) System based vehicle safety solution. At the moment, the DSM functionality has been made available in three camera devices being sold by Safe Cams, i.e. SC 200 AI, SC DS02 and SC 400. While SC200 AI and SC400 models can be configured without a DSM camera also, but on the other hand, the SC DS02 has been exclusively designed as a ‘DSM-only’ camera.

A DSM enabled device makes use of intelligent machine learning algorithms, a special infrared camera and sensors to monitor on-road driver alertness. The major purpose or objective of the Driver State Monitoring system is to alert the driver whenever signs of drowsiness or any kind of distractions are detected; it does so via an integrated and in-built dangerous driving behavior warning mechanism. 

Speaking on the launch of their DSM cameras, Vanesh Naidoo, Founder and CEO, Safe Cams Digital Eye said, “We are proud to announce the roll-out of our latest DSM camera range for the Indian market during the ongoing Global Road Safety Week. With India accounting for roughly 11 per cent of all road accidents worldwide, we definitely need to find innovative ways to reduce fatal road accidents and mishaps. We at Safe Cams have been always striving to educate people about the dangers of reckless driving, and with our latest launch of the Driver State Monitor technology based safety solutions, we are hoping to be able to contribute towards reducing road accidents and mishaps in our country upto a significant extent, most of which are caused due to driver fatigue or inattentiveness.” 

“We have decided to primarily market and sell the DSM-enabled devices to long-haul, high-value truck owners of India, who can see quicker return on investment from our devices. We are also seeing interest from the local and state governments for this technology and are in talks with companies involved in rapid-transit bus services. We are hoping that if our DSM cameras can be fitted to public transport services at scale, the risk of accidents occurring could be minimised dramatically,” added Naidoo. 

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