SBI Card deploys NICE RPA solution

NICE has announced that it has implemented NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution for SBI Card. NICE RPA is implemented to increase automation in the Indian card issuer’s operations and backend processes to manage repetitive, error prone tasks, thus freeing up employees to engage in value added services.

With more than six million credit card holders in the customer base and offices in over 100 cities, SBI Card manages a wide spread and complex set of customer service operations. The company was looking for a partner with an end-to-end, robust RPA solution to take operations to the next level by efficiently supporting additional customers.

NICE was selected for its ability to combine desktop (attended) and robotic (unattended) automations in real time. The RPA solution deployed by NICE allows SBI Card to optimise the collaboration between human employees and robots, thereby improving efficiency, accuracy and scalability. Initial results are indicating an increase in employee productivity and customer satisfaction, in the processes where RPA has been deployed.

Hardayal Prasad, MD and CEO, SBI Card said, “We believe RPA will lead to significant operational efficiencies while helping us to further enhance customer experience. NICE is a suitable partner for us, given its end-to-end platform comprising solutions that address the heart of customer experience. At SBI Card, technology led initiatives have always underlined our growth strategy and we will continue to invest in strengthening our technological framework, with the objective of bringing our customers best in class products and services.”

Darren Rushworth, President, NICE, said, “We are delighted with SBI Card’s decision to work with NICE RPA and are excited that initial results are already beginning to show higher efficiency, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. I am confident that NICE RPA’s unique combination of assisted and unassisted automation capabilities, will help them continue to meet their business objectives and drive measurable return on investment (RoI).”

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