Shorthills AI selected by NASSCOM in its Gen AI Foundry Programme

Shorthills AI has been selected as one of the top Generative AI companies by NASSCOM for the first cohort of its Gen AI Foundry Programme. The company specialises in utilising its Gen AI technologies and LLMs to transform vast, unstructured data from diverse sources into actionable insights presented in a user-friendly and digestible format.

Shorthills AI boasts a wealth of experience in delivering versatile solutions across multiple industries, including e-commerce, edtech, healthtech, BFSI, automotive, and more. The company is credited for being among the world’s first few companies to adapt and build on Databricks’ Large Language Model called ‘Dolly’ and is one of the world’s top LangChain contributor companies. Shorthills AI also happens to be a Microsoft Gold partner and provides top grade enterprise solutions globally.

The Gen AI Foundry Program, spearheaded by NASSCOM, the leading technology industry representative in India, aims to harness the burgeoning Gen AI technology trend and propel GenAI companies from initial stages to advanced levels of development. NASSCOM has established strategic partnerships with governmental entities like the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), offering selected companies six months of complimentary graphic processing unit (GPU) power. The GenAI Foundry further extends its support by providing additional resources, including data access, connections to the venture capital ecosystem and fostering collaborations with prominent global technology firms such as AWS and Microsoft.

Pawan Prabhat, Co-founder, Shorthills AI, said, “We are pleased to have this honour. Shorthills AI’s dedication to delivering versatile solutions across diverse industries aligns perfectly with the program’s mission to propel GenAI firms to advanced levels of development. We look forward to harnessing the program’s resources and collaborate to further advance our transformative solutions. This opportunity is a testament to our team’s hard work, and we are eager to leverage it for continued growth and success.”

Paramdeep Singh, Co-Founder, Shorthills AI, said, “NASSCOM’s Gen AI Foundry Programme will be pivotal in nurturing and accelerating the GenAI ecosystem. Being part of it not only affirms our commitment to driving innovation in the Generative AI and data engineering space but also presents an exciting opportunity for us to take our solutions to the next level and. We anticipate this momentum to continue as we witness the development of groundbreaking AI solutions.”

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