Smart fever detection and contact tracing best bets for businesses to re-open

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With the nationwide lockdown slated to be lifted gradually post 17th May, businesses are set to resume operations with a part of their workforce soon. The employers are developing new policies and procedures to keep their people safe when the business will resume their operations from the offices. This will heighten the usage of new technology solutions over the coming months. The corporate leaders are looking for some reliable combination of mass testing, therapeutics, contact tracing solutions to start the operations from the offices.
Here are smart solutions by some Indian brands that can help re-open business and reduce fear:
Staqu’s JARVIS – Video Analytics: To monitor the health of workers
A Gurgaon-based startup, Staqu, recently announced an array of offerings to facilitate superior COVID-19 response. The brand is leveraging its proprietary video analytics platform JARVIS to roll out cutting-edge use-cases aimed at identifying, tracing, and curbing the spread of COVID-19 and similar contagion. The video analytics is the only way to monitor all the compliances and guidelines in new normal. The offerings include COVID-19 identification, Suspect Tracing, PPE monitoring, Security, Safety and Hygiene Analytics and People Analytics.
Aiisma – Contact Tracing – To map COVID-19 spread
Aiisma has also expedited the release of AiiHealth, a health mapping feature for individuals, to manually enter, monitor and share health-related insights. In combination with the geo-location sharing feature the increased, yet anonymous, use of the app will enable health authorities with pro-active measurements, identifying the geographical and demographical spread of the virus due to sudden changes in the data pool or prior contact with now a positive patient.  The anonymous tracking feature intends to release a trigger function sending alerts to any Aiisma user who might have come in contact with positive tested carriers or who are about to pass orange or red zones. The insights gathered by the Aiisma ecosystem naturally create a digital fence against the COVID-19 spread, supporting citizens and authorities in the fight against the virus.
Magneto – Advanced central air cleaner To stop the spread of COVID-19

Magneto launches advanced central air cleaner to stop the spread of COVID-19: Designed to offer protection from all kinds of harmful viruses. The cleantech startup has developed a revolutionary technology that not just captures the viruses but also kills them within the system ensuring complete indoor air sanitization. Magneto Central Air Cleaner is an innovative solution that displays engineering perfection and high filtration efficiency. Magneto Central Air Cleaner now comes equipped with the combined power of dual forces of magnetism & UV-C to amplify the microbe elimination on even the smallest viruses complying the global industry guidelines for preventive measures from spread of diseases like COVID-19.

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