StackNexus acquires Vidruma Technologies Ltd to expand in the European Market

StackNexus, one of the leading No Code Technology Services companies, recently acquired Vidruma Technologies Ltd, a UK based IT services company. With this acquisition StackNexus is set to expand its footprints in the European Market.

StackNexus aims to become the organisations’ extended technology partner and add value through no code technology services in the European Market. Founded in 2017, StackNexus have primarily worked in the USA & Indian market, it is all set to expand its global footprint through this strategic acquisition.

This is what Suman Akula, Founder & CEO of StackNexus had to say about this acquisition, “It is an exciting time at StackNexus, being Global was in our DNA since inception, this is a strategic acquisition that will help us expand our No Code Technology Services in the European Market.”

In the coming year StackNexus has plans to expand in the Canadian and Australian market through partnership and acquisition opportunities.

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