Staqu enables remote implementation of video analytics solution JARVIS on Microsoft Azure

Video AI implementation company, Staqu, has collaborated with Microsoft, bringing its video analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure. With this combination of Staqu’s proprietary video analytics solution integrates Azure Kubernetes Service as well as Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stack Edgeto offer the scale and optimization that accompanies with a cloud deployment.

Speaking on the collaboration, Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu, said, “Our relationship with Microsoft is an instrumental step forward in the testing times and also reinforces the need for implementation of a product like JARVIS. Our state-of-the-art AI video analytics platform will now help customers and organizations] to resume business operations in the new normal. We are confident that this will unlock new avenues of growth for us and add a significant value proposition to customers.”

Staqu’s proprietary video analytics platform, JARVIS (Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams), integrates with existing cameras/CCTVs to render a gamut of safety and compliance-centric video analytics. This solution ascertains the necessary supervision over the safety regulations undertaken and ensures that all precautionary measures are being implemented.

The COVID-19 suite by Staqu helps in identifying social distancing, crowd, body temperature, mask and safety gears, contact tracing. Leveraging Staqu’s advanced video solution JARVIS, Staqu aims to empower new-age organisations to observe optimum safety standards. It ensures the well-being of their internal and external stakeholders as and when businesses resume operations from their official premises after the lockdown is reversed.

Staqu also achieved co-sell status through Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner program. The designation expands Staqu’s reach across various enterprises and also highlights the ingenuity of its video analytics solution. Staqu will also be introduced to a global portfolio of customers to Staqu, helping with business continuity.

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