Startup ‘Unbox Robotics’ Plans To Automate Logistics Operations

The Covid-19 pandemic has put everyone into a tizzy. Now, its not just humans. robots too are trying heart and soul to fight this disaster...

The recent lockdown has made times difficult for all, particularly the logistics sector. However, several startups have been quite active and prudent in deducing ways to cope up with the situation. One among them is  Unbox Robotics, an early stage startup that has recently unveiled a robotics solution for efficient parcel sortation in warehouses.

It is building a logistics automation system that could enable logistics players to automate and improve their operations on-demand with limited footprint and capital. Pramod Ghadge, Co-Founder & CEO, Unbox Robotics shares a few measures and their plan to ensure smooth business operation during this lockdown period

  • How does it plan to operate during the lockdown period?

We are trying our best to maintain the productivity of the team to compensate for the loss of work due to the lockdown. Although for a few weeks, we will not be able to build robots at our facility, we have made a remote work plan to focus on R&D, Software Development, Simulations, New Product Design and Development, and Skill Development through online courses, etc.

The plan is to ensure we get maximum output possible while working from home and work on long-term strategy and products. Being an Entrepreneur First startup, we have ample guidance from the leadership in terms of quick solutions to issues and concerns. We are aware that the future will be challenging for all startups with respect to investor acquisition. However, Entrepreneur First is actively assisting us in sourcing another round of funding amidst this global crisis.

  • What digital tools are the workers using for their day-to-day job functions and what challenges are they facing?

Apart from regular emails, we are using tools such as Zoom, Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Mattermost for constant communication within the team. Network related disruptions sometimes affect these communication channels and hence productivity is impacted.

To build robots, we have to use our office and testing facility, which is now closed due to the lockdown. We are looking at a minimum of 2-3 weeks delay in our timelines.

  • What is the employee strength of Unbox Robotics and how will the lockdown impact its business?

We have ten people (full time) in our team and a few interns and part-time consultants.  The lockdown has affected operations on the ground since the supplier base has been affected, and work-places are closed. We do not see any threat to the employment of our current work-force. However, we will have to slow down on new hiring plans but we are confident that once Covid-19 is behind us, we will bounce back and meet our projected production numbers

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