SupplyLink by Adcount Technologies empowers Wat-a-Burger’s expansion from 1 city to 25+ cities

SupplyLink, the warehousing and logistic solution, along with its sister brand SupplyNote which is one of the leading Food & Beverage (F&B) supply chain automation platform, has empowered Wat-a-Burger to expand from 1 city to 25+ cities. With a vision to offer fusion burgers to Indian consumers in a market dominated by US fast food chains, Wat-a-Burger has expanded to over 65 outlets in 27 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. SupplyLink has been an instrumental part of their journey since 2018 when Wat-a-Burger had just four outlets in Delhi NCR.

“At SupplyLink, we are deeply committed to streamlining the F&B industry’s supply chain operations with our top-notch services. Our partnership with Wat-a-Burger has been highly rewarding, as we have had the privilege of supporting their expansion journey with our SupplyLink solution. By streamlining their warehousing operations and optimising inventory management, we have enabled Wat-a-Burger to achieve remarkable progress in a highly competitive market landscape. We remain steadfast in our commitment to partnering with visionary companies like Wat-a-Burger and continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation to transform the F&B industry” said Mr. Nitin Prakash, Co-Founder at SupplyLink.

“We are delighted to have partnered with SupplyLink and integrated their hassle-free supply chain services. The platform has been instrumental in addressing several operational challenges that we faced during our expansion journey. With SupplyLink, we were able to optimise our logistics management, reduce operational costs, ensure product consistency, and enhance our vendor management capabilities. This strategic collaboration has enabled us to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to our customers, and we look forward to continued growth and success with SupplyLink as our trusted technology partner” said Mr. Rajat Jaiswal, Co-Founder at Wat-a-Burger.

Wat-A-Burger faced problems with underutilised rented inventory spaces and a lack of space in other locations, leading to difficulties in managing fixed and operational costs. Operational tasks such as inventory management and logistics consumed its valuable time, affecting decisions related to brand building, customer base, and expansion. Expansion into new locations further posed challenges in vendor selection, price negotiations, timely deliveries, and quality control. The franchise model of Wat-a-Burger also created complexity in maintaining product consistency, SOPs, order payments, and franchisee relationships.

With SupplyLink’s prowess in F&B supply chain services, Wat-a-Burger effectively addressed several challenges that previously hindered the company’s growth. By streamlining the supply chain operations and optimising the inventory management, SupplyLink helped Wat-A-Burger to reduce their standard operating costs by approximately 56.82% and minimise the impact of resource time cost, cost of movements, warehouse cost, and infrastructure cost by 23.33%, 32.97%, 44.44%, and 100%, respectively.

SupplyLink also increased Wat-A-Burger’s expansion rate by providing a centralized platform for vendor selection, price negotiations, timely deliveries, and quality control. Lastly, the platform also ensured product consistency and reduced losses due to mismanagement of stocks and temperature abuse.

The implementation of SupplyLink afforded What-a-Burger the opportunity to redirect its focus from the intricate logistics of supply chain management to the more visible and consequential front-end aspects of its business operations. This strategic shift enabled the organisation to dedicate its resources to brand building and the pursuit of a competitive edge in the marketplace. The success of this partnership serves as a testament to the significant impact that streamlined supply chain operations can have on the overall success of a startup.

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