Tata Communications launches IZO to drive hybrid cloud adoption

Tata Communications, today announced the launch of IZO, a global network platform for enhanced hybrid cloud enablement.

Touted as a game changing network platform – IZO brings a new way of tackling the complications and challenges that businesses face in realising the potential of the cloud.

The IZO network platform takes the public internet and uniquely engineers it for predictable routing, together with enterprise cloud connectivity and interconnected data centres. The platform comprises of IZO Internet WAN, IZO Private and IZO Public – each of which tackle a significant issue faced by enterprises managing cloud solutions.

A first of its kind, IZO Internet WAN brings the security, flexibility and predictability of a private network to the public internet with the global reach of the Internet. Through partnerships with 20 service providers around the world, IZO Internet WAN provides multi-national organisations deterministic routing of traffic with guaranteed end-to-end SLAs and business standard reporting. Multi-national businesses will now experience faster deployment times, whilst reducing their total cost of ownership by up to 30%, fostering more secure ways to capitalise on the cloud evolution.

IThrough a global partnered interconnect arrangement under the AWS Direct Connect program with Amazon Web Services and Azure ExpressRoute program with Microsoft, companies now have access to a one-stop-shop for end-to-end management to ensure network performance and end-user experience.

Vinod Kumar, Managing Director and CEO, Tata Communications noted, “We’re taking the necessary steps towards making the Internet Fit For Business by bringing a new level of predictability and reliability to the public Internet that does not exist today. This isn’t something we can do alone and we’re joined in this initiative to bring about a new era of internet, by some of the world’s leading ISP and cloud providers as we collaborate to achieve a common goal. Cloud, in every form, continues to transform the way businesses operate, innovate and generate revenue. Our role is to make sure that we’re delivering a network that supports and enhances everybody’s network cloud.”

The third element of the platform is IZO Public which tags and prioritises content with guaranteed performance for Tata Communications enterprise customers. For businesses looking to deliver large volumes of content over the Internet, this service provides unparalleled performance, reach, and capacity ensuring a consistently good user experience.

The IZO network platform gives multi-national organisations the freedom to choose a cloud environment suited to their requirements with a platform backed by Tata Communications’ leading global network and global partnerships. Today, over 24% of the world’s Internet routes travel over Tata Communications’ network and the company is the only Tier-1 provider that is in the top five by routes in five continents.

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