Ten high growth startups selected out of 4785 pitches for 100X.VC Class 05

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Since 100X.VC Class 01 in Dec of 2019, the fund has worked with and now invested into 60 startups, building out a reputation as the micro VC of choice in India for entrepreneurs seeking seed funding.

100X.VC is all about capital + education. It operates on a cohort-based investment model. Getting into the 100X cohort is very competitive. One can view 100X.VC as the school where most talented entrepreneurs want to apply for getting their winning edge. Indian startups today are looking for smart money. The venture capital firm made investments after a rigorous process of evaluating 4785 pitches. Of this, 458 were shortlisted, and after due diligence 10 were funded in Class 05. With 10 new investments in Class 05, 100X.VC has crossed 60 investments.

The names of the startups were announced at VC Pitch Day on the 24th and 25th of September 2021. The event was attended by more than 1000+ investors, including VCs, corporate houses, angels, and family houses from across the globe. 100X funding is the social proof that the startup idea is fundable. So far, 100X portfolio companies have created 470+ jobs in the industry.

Speaking on the development, Ninad Karpe, Partner, 100X.VC said, “We have now invested in 60 startups in the country with iSAFE notes. We get to review so many different applications, each idea is unique, and everyone has potential. It is always a hard choice to narrow it down to a limited few. We have now investors, VCs eagerly waiting to hear about our carefully curated list of startups. Our focus remains to mentor, advice, and guide the founders with our masterclass and enable them to convert their ideas into bigger businesses.”

The Class 05 Portfolio companies include:

  • ️ QwikSkills
  •  Nooble
  • ️ SpoofSense
  • ️ Bebe Burp
  • ️ Paperplane
  • ️ ZuPay
  • ️ Strive
  • ️ Humblex
  • ️ WayFr
  • ️ FilterPixel

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