Whatfix and Tech Mahindra join forces to accelerate adoption of data-driven digital solutions for enterprises globally

Whatfix, announced a strategic collaboration with Tech Mahindra. The collaboration will accelerate the adoption of data-driven digital solutions for enterprises globally.

Together, Whatfix and Tech Mahindra will help enterprises deliver personalized experiences and optimize application efficiency. This will enable enterprises to effectively measure and drive the value of their software investments and digital transformation strategies, ensuring the successful adoption of next-generation technologies. In addition, this collaboration will enable Tech Mahindra’s customers across industries to achieve significant business value outcomes, such as cost reduction, increased revenue, risk compliance, among other benefits.

Nikhil Malhotra, Global Head – Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra, said, “As enterprises navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic digital landscape, leveraging analytics-driven insights becomes imperative for staying ahead of the curve. In this direction, our collaboration with Whatfix will offer personalized user experiences and optimize enterprise applications to drive productivity and digital maturity. This collaboration underscores our commitment to helping enterprises scale at speed by embracing technology and leveraging tools for success in the digital era.”

Whatfix is recognized as a “Leader in DAP” as per industry reports from IDC, Gartner, Forrester, and Everest Group, among others. The company’s comprehensive product suite offers analytics (Product Analytics and Enterprise Insights), application simulation (Mirror), and adoption (DAP mobile, web, and desktop, and Hub). These products enable data-driven decisions, immersive training and onboarding, and seamless adoption with sustained effectiveness throughout the entire application lifecycle, which enhance user productivity and experience and accelerate ROI from the enterprise’s digital investments. For instance, Sentry saved $950K in training resources, Experian observed a 72% increase in productivity, REG experienced a 50% improved time to productivity, and Grifols saved $107,000 in reduced seller training and support costs using Whatfix.

“Our collaboration with Tech Mahindra reinforces our commitment to empowering organizations worldwide with data-driven digital adoption solutions, powered by AI and built on the foundation of userization to make technology user-savvy,” said Vispi Daver, Chief Revenue Officer at Whatfix. “Together, we will transform the way businesses embrace and leverage technology for enhanced efficiency and productivity at scale.”

This collaboration aims to drive global digital transformation and technological innovation, empowering enterprises with cutting-edge solutions to drive efficiency, enhance user experiences, and unlock unparalleled business value. Today, Whatfix’s data-driven product suite, powered by AI, offers an enhanced userized digital experience and supports 700+ customers, including 80 Fortune 500s across 40+ countries. Recently, Whatfix has been the only vendor to be recognized as the “Customer Choice” in Gartner’s Voice of Customer report.

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