Windows 10 users rejoice: There are ways to stop automatic updates

Microsoft Windows 10 comes with automatic updates but there are ways in which you can avoid some of these.

Microsoft Windows 10 was rolled out in July and it was reported that the new OS will come with automatic updates. We had reported earlier how Windows team will send new updates at regular intervals in order to ensure that a system remains new. Microsoft only lets Windows 10 users choose when to reboot, but update and install part will happen at the Windows Update end. We had noted earlier that the downloads won’t take place over a metered connection, although you can opt for this setting in the advanced options in WiFi.

However the metered connection hack only works with WiFi and not Ethernet cables, reports Forbes. Forbes has also listed three more useful tricks to stop the updates. One is by running “services.msc” which displays the list of services running. From there, a user can find the Windows Update service and then disable it.

Additionally Windows 10 Education, Pro and Enterprise editions have a group policy editor option which will allow only ‘Priority’ updates to get downloaded. Windows 10 Home users will not get this option. Also users can install the Show/Hide tool and hide updates they choose to uninstall from Windows 10. However the tool will not stop updates from automatically installing on the system. It has also been reported that users can now control whether apps in the Windows 10 Store will update automatically, an option which was not available earlier. With Windows 10, Microsoft has envisioned the OS as a services platform and regular updates is a good thing, given that it will give users the latest security updates. However, users don’t always want all the updates, they should given some freedom on which ones they want downloaded.

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