Work stress taking toll on personal lives, finds survey

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The Covid-19 pandemic has highly impacted physical as well as mental health of people across the globe, especially due to the job crisis. In a survey conducted by Scikey Market Network, it was revealed that 55 per cent employees feel that work stress has taken a toll on their personal relations. 

Mental health at the workplace has become one of the leading factors to be considered during the pandemic, as the shift to remote work has been stressful for many professionals and has affected their work life balance. 

When asked about communication at workplace, only 18 per cent respondents feel that they can talk to someone at work during the time of stress, while 2 per cent feel that they can never talk to someone about their mental health. Out of all the respondents 53 per cent feel that they can sometimes rely on a supervisor or colleague for mental support, while 20 per cent said that it is never an option for them. 

Work life balance during the pandemic has been quite challenging due to many obvious reasons like, meeting the deadline, work pressure, salary cut, etc leading to stress. The survey also suggested the factors resulted in stress related symptoms affecting the respondent’s behavior. It also highlights organisational support to the employees with respect to their mental well being. 

Karunjit Kumar Dhir, Co-founder, Scikey Market Network said that in this period of crisis and challenges, it is at the utmost importance to discuss and prioritise mental well being of employees at the workplace. 

“Communication is one thing that will help people improve their mental health, be it with friends, family or colleagues, irrespective of it being virtual or in person. It is the responsibility of every organisation to implement supportive programs for all the people contributing to the growth of the organisation,” added Dhir.

 When asked about an initiative that will help them in improving their mental health, 15 per cent  felt that communication is one thing, be it with friends, family or colleagues, irrespective of it being virtual or in person. While 12 per cent emphasised on some form of physical activities like yoga, zumba, walk, gym or anything, 9 per cent on organising stress buster sessions or sessions with a counsellor in the office and 8 per cent emphasised on organising workshops and on physical socialising from time to time.

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