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How Avaali Solutions is solving the problem of unstructured content for it clients with emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, chatbot and Information Management solutions

Bangalore headquartered Avaali Solutions is a consulting and professional services company focused on supporting medium to large enterprises create and execute their digital roadmap. The startup enables enterprises to accelerate the execution of their stated business goals with the help of digital tools and technologies. “Our spectrum of services not only help enterprises in putting together intelligent internal business processes but also engage with their customers in completely newer ways and provide great customer experience,”says Srividya Kannan, Founder, Director – Avaali Solutions, adding that digital is going to be the biggest enabler of revenue to enterprises. And that the company supports its customers to maximise value from digital and helps them translate this value in the form of innovative customer experience, highly engaging customers, internal process efficiencies, reduced costs and delivering the customer’s stated objective.

Srividya Kannan, Founder, Director – Avaali Solutions

The startup has worked with over 120+ large enterprises to leverage digital technologies to help them significantly accelerate process agility and reduce costs. It has subsidiaries in Singapore and UAE and clients are spread across Asia, Middle East and Africa. Avaali also runs a publication called Illuminar.

In the last 18 months, we’ve invested in our ‘Velocious’ framework that offers ready to deploy solutions for accelerating process agility across operational processes with emerging technologies,” states Kannan, adding that the foundation principles are not only built on providing best in class solutions to customers but also on some very basic and fundamental values around treating employees, customers and partners with pride and respect.

The target customers are large enterprises across industries. Kannan reminds that more than 80 per cent of enterprise processes are unstructured in nature, with heavy reliance on documents, collaboration with several stakeholders, validations, identifying exceptions and following internal policies for approvals to tackle various exceptions, etc. “While enterprises invest a lot on structured data applications such as ERP, CRM, SRM, HR, etc., the unstructured content and workflows are typically manual in nature,” she says, pointing out that as a result over 80 per cent of the business process is still manually done, resulting in increased cost, process cycle time and less visibility/insight to processes.

Avaali focuses on solving this problem of unstructured content with emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, chatbot and Information Management solutions. “As a result of our engagement, we’ve brought about process cycle time reduction of over 40 per cent and cost reductions of 35-50 per cent,” she states.

The Velocious framework leverages a confluence of various technologies to offer a set of ready to deploy solutions. “We’ve launched the logistics and shipment tracking solution, Supplier Portal, migration tool and payment approval automation solution under Velocious. We’re working on innovating around OCR technologies to maximise recognition rates and support enterprise digitisation initiatives. We’re also innovating in terms of offering new services focused on consulting led performance transformation for large enterprises” informs Kannan.

In the future, Avaali has a clear path ahead for scale and growth. The startup is investing heavily in the Velocious framework, that is the next generation platform which converges various technologies to significantly accelerate the pace to business process transformation for large enterprises. “We will continue to stay focused on expanding our share of wallet from existing customers as well as deepen our presence amongst enterprise customers in our existing geographies. In addition, we’re also focusing to increase our presence in parts of Europe,” shares Kannan.


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