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With a presence in six countries, Indian startup Goals101 uses AI and big data to help banks and financial companies develop hyper-targeted campaigns to cross-sell and up-sell customised products and services, allowing them to capture a larger share of the end user's wallet

New Delhi headquartered startup Goals101 is a Transaction Behavioural Intelligence (TBI) company that accelerates the growth of a client’s organisation based on performance driven analytics. “Using our deep understanding of big data and AI, we have developed the Alpha platform – a scalable platform that sanitises, interprets and analyses data to extract actionable insights,” says Visham Sikand, MD & Co-founder, Goals101.

Visham Sikand, MD & Co-founder, Goals101

Since 2016, the company has expanded to six countries including India, Qatar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE and Kenya. Across all these countries, Goals101 processes contextually relevant communications for 145 million customers across 17 partner banks. In 2018, they also closed a strategic partnership with a leading global venture capital fund. Over the next few months, the company will deepen its presence in existing countries, and expand to newer countries in South East Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Alpha Platform

The Alpha Platform is a 360-degree, highly scalable self-serve ‘intelligent banking’ solution covering every aspect of communication management that has evolved exclusively for bank needs. “The Alpha Platform is an ‘intelligent financial connector’, allowing various internal and external ecosystem connects to happen in real-time. It uses proprietary ML/AI to help banks clean data, enrich data and derive actionable Transaction Behaviour Intelligence,” states Sikand, adding that the Alpha Platform is helping banks across Asia, Africa & Middle East become both contextual and real time through AI driven fee generation and spend/activation, through cross-sell robo-advisory and by exploring “new, intelligent and high volume” acquisition channels for banks.

“The result is a personalised, automated and delightful banking experience for the banks’ customers. It does so by helping banks develop hyper-targeted and personalised campaigns across multiple ‘customer state issues’ – underwriting, on-boarding, engagement, cross-sell, fraud detection, inactivity, attrition, wallet shares, cross-sell/up-sell robo-advisory, lifecycle-based interventions and location awareness. We do this by using our proprietary ML/AI driven algorithms to decipher customer preferences and offer them relevant propositions,” he explains.

Goals101 gives an end-to-end proposition to complete the personalisation cycle by designing appropriate creatives, optimising time of deployment and choosing the right channel of deployment. “Our reports are auto-generated, detailed across 100+ KPIs and enable near real time campaign calibration, impact measurement and next best action intervention. In a nutshell – our platform Alpha automates end to end customer intervention management, from data analysis to real-time reporting and re-action and everything in between,” adds Sikand.

Customised data platform

Sikand points out that Alpha for Banks is a customised data platform that helps their partner banks develop hyper-targeted campaigns for their partner merchants, as well as cross-sell and up-sell their products and services in a way that is highly customised for each end user. A very critical deliverable of Alpha for Banks is creating value for clients by taking the right communication to the right audience, removing unwanted calls and messages to customers. “We offer customisations specific to the bank’s requirements enabling easy implementation in sync with the existing system in the bank. We have also invested in creating an intuitive, easy-to-use solution keeping the end user in mind. This takes automation to the next level without losing the human element by keeping the context very strong,” says Sikand, adding that they provide an end to end solution that allows banks to complete the personalisation cycle by designing the right communications, send it via the right channel at the right time.

“The Alpha Platform uses our data analytics and banking expertise to offer a tech solution in context with a bank’s most pressing requirements. Alpha uses AI and machine learning to hyper segment customers based on their behaviour,” states Sikand, reminding that the customer today looks for relevance and value in communication and has a limited attention span, an the Alpha platform enables exactly that in customer interactions.

Goals101 has created this platform with a deep understanding of the banking system, considering the multiple challenges and requirements of banks. “We offer customisation specific to the bank’s requirements enabling easy implementation in sync with any existing system in the bank. This is taking automation to the next level without losing the human element by keeping the context very strong,” he affirms, adding that they are constantly working on creating customised brand offers, innovative credit products, personalised Robo-Advisory to customers.

The company is committed to expanding the scope of ‘intelligent banking’ for end customers. Sikand believes that banks need to amplify their intelligence with new age tools and technologies to offer more contextually relevant services to their customers.


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