Lalit S. Raje, CEO, Syndrome NewEdge

BFSI Technology Conclave 2024 | DAY 1 | 10th May 2024 | Sheraton Grand, Pune

In this video:
Lalit S. Raje, CEO, Syndrome NewEdge
Reimagining the BFSI sector in the Era of Digital Transformation, Automation and Cyber Security

Key Highlights:
[1] We are known to be a true disruptor in the market over the years with our digital initiatives.

[2] We are taking Digital Literacy Programs to the rural parts of India for Financial Inclusion of the smallest part of the system.

[3] The Industry at present is going through a major disruption requiring leaders to re-strategize their respective IT strategies.

[4] To augment the customer base, the banking sector needs to keep upgrading it’s services with high-end security. The implementation of AI has helped banks to administer high-speed data to get valuable information regarding their customers.

[5] Our cloud based operating models help the banks to optimize the IT costs of software and hardware. Banks do not have to buy the software, data; they can go for an outcome based model.

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