Panel Discussion on Enterprise Security: How to proactively protect your company in the digital era | BFSI Technology Conclave

BFSI Technology Conclave ~ Driving Innovation Delivering Experiences | 24-25 January 2020, Novotel Pune

Key Highlights:

1. RPA AI has the capabilities to automate and simply block the malware, Milind G Mungale says.
2. Mobile technology and digital evolution has empowered police in tracking the fraudsters, KNC Nair states
3. Data intelligence has the great capacity to reduce the time to response, Nithin R believes
4. Milind says, Collaborative approach is critical, to identify the unknown cyber threats
5. Create solutions based on the intelligence and identify the threat tactics, says Milind G. Mungale, Executive Vice President & CISO, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited

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