Vijayant Rai, Managing Director, Snowflake India

BFSI Technology Conclave 2024 | DAY 1 | 10th May 2024 | Sheraton Grand, Pune

In this video:
Vijayant Rai, Managing Director, Snowflake India
Snowflake: Faster Time to Value for Financial Services

Key Highlights:
[1] Banking industry has witnessed a rise in tapping into the unstructured data. Meanwhile, data governance is getting more redefined.

[2] We help banks get speed to achieve quick wins and drive outcomes.

[3] Snowflakes’s Value Proposition helps banks use AI in seconds, apps in minutes, and customer orchestration in hours. We bring models to data instead of the contrary.

[4] Snowflakes’s Elastic Scalability has enabled the largest number of queries (205k+) to be executed in a one minute interval by a single customer.

[5] We also enable our banking customers to collaborate with their internal teams, network partners, and external ecosystem in a secured fashion.

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