Leading with Partha | Episode 3: Building a high-performing IT team

Chat Series with VS Parthasarathy, Vice Chairman, AllCargo Logistics & Independent Director, LIC

Here at Leading with Partha: A Masterclass in Strategic Planning for CXOs, we’d like to extend our warmest greeting. In this video series, we have the honour of learning from Dr. V. S. Parthasarathy, also known as Partha, who is one of the most seasoned and distinguished leaders in the field.

In the previous masterclass, Dr. Partha offered his perspectives on the board’s expectations of CIOs in the present day. He will discuss “Building a high-performing IT team” on today’s episode.

It takes a mix of strong leadership, strategic planning, and developing the abilities and talents of each team member to create an IT team that performs at a high level.

“It is simple to develop a team since it is similar to building any other high-performing organisation, but it is challenging because, as you are aware, the environment is changing so quickly. When it does, the subject, the knowledge, the requirements, etc., have all significantly changed. Consequently, we must devise a strategy for addressing subject matter, competence, and flexibility,” says Dr. Partha.

He also elaborates on how you should enable, enhance, and engender and organise all three into teams. The domain expert of today is not what we are aiming to develop. You are consequently attempting to adjust. So encourage folks to improve their skills and learn new things. Look instead for individuals that are adaptive, agile, and diverse, because these traits are much more beneficial.

It takes time and money to develop a high-performing IT team, and the process is ongoing. You may develop a competent and motivated IT team that regularly produces excellent outcomes by joining us on this exciting path of learning from a real visionary and leader in the field and adapting them to your team’s specific needs.

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