Nitin Seth, Co-Founder & CEO, Incedo Inc.

Elevate AI Summit 2024 | Day 1 | 12th April 2024 | Sheraton Grand Hotel, Pune

In this video:
Nitin Seth, Co-Founder & CEO, Incedo Inc.

Topic: Mastering the Data Paradox – The Key to Winning in the AI Age

Key Highlights:
[1] Data, Digitalisation and AI are the most powerful forces today changing every aspect of life.

[2] Data has exploded at an unprecedented rate in the last 2 decades and this is the most defining trend of digital age.

[3] Digital technologies, Industry maturity curves and organisational transformation are some of the building blocks needed for successful digital transformation.

[4] The core issue facing the organisations is the perception of data solely as a physical concern. We require a balanced physical and logical approach.

[5] Understanding the DIAI (Data-Insights-Actions-Impact) framework can be a helpful guide to maximise value realisation from data.

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