Fireside Chat with A Shiju Rawther, CIO & CTO, CARE Ratings Ltd | DC&I Digital Summit – September 2021

Virtual Conference | Data Center & Infrastructure Digital Summit 2021 ~ Connecting India's Future | 8th September 2021
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In this video:
Fireside Chat: A Shiju Rawther, CIO & CTO, CARE Ratings Ltd & Srikanth R P, Editor, Express Computer & CRN India, Indian Express Group (Moderator)

Topic: Taking a proactive stance for Data Center security

Key Highlights:
+ Data Centers and Data Center providers are the most vulnerable in terms of the rising security threats.
+ Since we hold lot of PI Data for the customers, we are the custodians for the data.
+ Security is not a practice that we follow but it is a strategy.
+ The pandemic was a very good test to see that remote working is properly getting adopted and it really helped us in our operations
+ Working from Home has helped us in saving a lot of time

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