Fireside Chat: Pankaj Gadgil, Head – Self Employed Segment, ICICI Bank

BFSI Track | Day 1 | 29th June 2021 | 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM IST | Virtual Conference
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In this video:
+ Pankaj Gadgil, Head – Self Employed Segment, ICICI Bank
+ Srikanth R P, Editor, Express Computer & CRN India, Indian Express Group

Fireside Chat Topic: Lessons from ICICI Bank’s Merchant Stack success story

Key Highlights:

+ The retailer merchant system is important for driving the economy as merchants spend INR 30 lakh crore digitally.

+ Merchant Stack is helping to capture money in motion.

+ Merchant stack is a host of digital merchant and customer platforms to deploy time in productive and efficient business.

+ AI-driven systems are simplifying inventory management and invoicing operations.

+ The challenge for merchants was to reconcile banking transactions and re-accounting them, but it has been eased off now with digital transactions.

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