Suvig Sharma, Senior Director APAC, MongoDB | MongoDB and IoT

Manufacturing Track | Day 2 | 17th June 2021 | 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM IST | Virtual Conference
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In this video:
Suvig Sharma, Senior Director APAC, MongoDB

Topic: MongoDB and IoT

Key Highlights:

+ Organisations have accelerated the adoption of technology.

+ Companies whose Industry 4.0 implementation is more mature, report stronger ability to respond to crises.

+ Growth in loT is being accelerated by advances in adjacent technologies and changing business models.

+ Marginal compression in manufacturing is resulting in a change in business models with an increased focus on digital services as primary revenue generators.

+ Advances in Big Data technologies enable loT data to be effectively stored, processed, analysed and acted upon in real-time to drive value for business and users.

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