EC Buzz | Top 10 Government Technology Trends for 2019-2020 by Gartner, Inc.

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Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for government were selected in response to pressing public policy goals and business needs of government organizations in jurisdictions around the globe. They fit into a broader set of macrotrends that demand the attention of today’s government leaders, including social instability, perpetual austerity, an aging population, rising populism and the need to support sustainability goals.

#1 Adaptive Security

This approach treats risk, trust and security as a continuous and adaptive process. Anticipates and mitigates constantly evolving cyber threats

#2 Citizen Digital Identity

Proof of an individual’s identity via any government digital channel that is accessible to citizens

#3 Multichannel Citizen Engagement

Governments that are available to citizens through multiple channels such as phone, in person, chatbots, smart speakers etc will engage citizens better.

#4 Agile by Design

A set of principles and practices used to develop more agile systems and solutions that impact target of business, information and technical architecture

#5 Digital Product Management

DPM involves developing, delivering, monitoring, refining and retiring “products” or offerings for business users or citizens. It gets organizations to think differently.

#6 Anything as a Service (XaaS)

XaaS covers the full range of IT services delivered in the cloud on a subscription basis. The XaaS model offers an alternative to legacy infrastructure modernization.

#7 Shared Services 2.0

Shifts the focus from cost savings to delivering high-value business capabilities such as enterprise-wide security, identity management, platforms or business analytics.

#8 Digitally Empowered Workforce

A workforce of self-managing teams needs the training, technology and autonomy to work on digital transformation initiatives.

#9 Analytics Everywhere

Government’s pervasive use of analytics at all stages of business activity and service delivery will move them to autonomous processes.

#10 Augmented Intelligence

A human-centered partnership model of people and artificial intelligence working together to enhance cognitive performance.

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